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We Have A Winner!

Posted by notthatkat on January 14, 2008

Colortweed Socks

The Colortweed socks won the race to become the first FO of 2008.   Mostly because I haven’t had the time and energy to sew the sleeves into Thermal, let alone go button shopping.


Here’s Thermal in it’s current sad state.  It only lacks shoulder seams, buttons, and weaving ends.  And a wee bath will improve it tremendously, I’m sure.  I’ll get around to finishing it soon-ish.  I promise.


What I have had time and patience for is fairly mindless knitting- something I can pick up and put down without worrying about losing my place.   It’s amazing to me how much quicker this is knitting up.  I know, larger gauge.  I will soon be at the point of dividing the sleeves from the body, and shortly after it will lose its dead simple quality, as all the detail (which I love) happens at the lower body and sleeve.  But I love it so far.


There must, of course, be a pair of socks going, so I cast on these on Friday.   I thought briefly about starting Thelonious or another CookieA sock, or something else more complicated, but again, the need for dead simple right now.  It looks complex so far, but after about this point, the patterning becomes much simpler.  These are Lenore socks, from the Rockin’ Sock Club (Oct 2007) and they were designed by La Harlot.  The yarn is part of the Raven series, and I may have to try some of the other colors if they’re still available when I allow myself to buy yarn again.

I’m off to catch up on some lost sleep before I go dashing off again.


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*Cough, cough, wheeze, hack*

Posted by notthatkat on December 7, 2007

I woke up Tuesday morning  and there was no denying – I am sick.  Nothing serious, I think, but rather than the typical head cold this has manifested as a sore throat and cough.  Most of the week has been spent just getting by – I spent most of my day off in bed, and the rest of the time it’s pretty much been work and bed.

I have managed to get some knitting done, as I sit or lie in bed and watch TV and count down until I can take more cold medicine.

Branching Out

I managed to get the Branching Out scarf I made for my sister done on Wednesday, although I didn’t manage to get it blocked until this evening.

Branching Out Center

I worked both sides out from a central provisional cast on, rather than working it end to end as the pattern calls for.   I love how it came out, and may have to make this one again.

Branching Out Close

One more picture, because who can resist the magic of blocking? The yarn is Knit Picks Shadow in Lost Lake, a lovely deep heathered green.  I knit this on 4.0 mm (US6) needles rather than the 5.0 mm (US8) called for in the pattern, since I was using laceweight yarn rather than DK.  The scarf ended up being 5″ wide by 64″ long, which I think is quite a respectable length for a lace scarf.

Anyone in my Fiber Guild who doesn’t want to ruin the surprise for the Yankee Trade Sunday best look away now…

They gone?


Next I knit a couple dishcloths to be used as part of my Yankee Trade gift on Sunday.  I’ll add a couple bars of home made soap to these and will feel good about my contribution to the gift exchange.

Lacy Dishcloth

This is the first one I knit and I like it so much, I just may have to knit one for myself.

Lattice Discloth

Next I knit up this one.  It has a neat little double lattice, and the texture will make it good for dishes, but the pattern is a bit fussy and I didn’t love knitting it.  I’m not sure this one’s gonna get repeated any time soon.  Both of these are knit in Sugar n Cream on 5.0 mm (US8) needles.  I’ll find pattern links and put them up when I update my FO page (soon, but not tonight).

As if that weren’t enough, I cast on a pair of felted clogs for my Dad for Christmas.

Unfelted Clog

The first one has been completed, but not yet felted.  Although I didn’t include anything in the picture for scale, believe me when I say it’s ginormous.  If I hadn’t felted a fair bit already, including several pairs of slippers, I would be leery about these shrinking enough to fit.  But I have confidence.  The second clog is barely started, but these are a quick knit so I’m not too worried.

Didya see the smoke ring in the new Knitty?  My Mom might just be getting one of these for Christmas it I don’t run out of time (otherwise, her birthday is in February).  I’m going stash diving tonight, then on a bead hunt after work tomorrow.  Now I’m off to see how well I can knit clogs on narcotic cough syrup.

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Nothing to Knit

Posted by notthatkat on October 23, 2007

I finished my Clapotis on Friday as expected and blocked it on Saturday I haven’t managed to get a good modeled picture, so this one will just have to do for now:


I only added a couple repeats to the straight section, and the finished wrap came out toabout 70 inches post blocking. I didn’t pin it out or stretch it too extremely during blocking; just generally pulled the edges even and flattened out any excessive curling and I think it looks great!

The yarn was a bit splitty, and there were some ugly joins I had to mess with, but overall I liked it, and would use it again if the right project presents itself.

So I found myself this weekend with almost nothing on the needles. The full accounting was the following:

1. My MS3, which is enjoying a time out while I work through my mixed feelings about the wing v/s symmetrical. I had about decided to go symmetrical, then I wavered. I will probably be the last knitter who started with the rest of the pack to finish, but I will get it done. I just need to decide how I want to do it.


Bamboo Top

This mess, which was on its way to becoming a Lots of Choices Top from The Knitting Experience: Book 1. I started this last year about this time. Then I put it aside to work on Christmas gifts. I worked on it a bit more in January, but it’s a summer top, and the weather was cold-ish and my motivation was low. Since about the end of January, I haven’t worked a stitch on it. For a while it rode in the bottom of my knitting bag, from which it radiated guilt every time I got down to that level. A couple months ago, I took it out to make room for other projects. I think it comes down to – I just don’t like the pattern. It’s knitting up nice enough, but there’s not enough going on to stimulate my interest. Garter stitch, with the slipped stitches taking place on the back, where you can’t really see them that well. I think this one is destined to the frog pond, which is a shame, but I love this yarn (Plymouth Royal Bamboo) too much to let it languish too much longer. I just need to find the right pattern to show it off to it’s best advantage. Any suggestions? (the yarn is silky and shiny, but has no sproing factor)

3. There is no 3

Thus, I needed to start not one, but a few new projects, so I would have knitting available for every knitting occasion.

I made a couple more swatches last week:

Thermal Swatch

Everyone who sees this swatch comments on it. It is for Thermal, which I planned to make, oh, about a nanosecond after I first saw the pattern. I love it, but I am thinking about raising the neckline a bit, so that I can wear it by itself or layered depending on the weather. It’s so light, I think it could be a three season top so long as the neckline allows for a bit of modesty without needing a tee shirt or camisole underneath. I got stitch gauge using a 3.5 mm (US4) needle, but my row gauge is a bit off. Since the body of the sweater is knit straight, I’m planning to recheck my gauge once I get a bit of length on it, the sit down and figure out if I need to recalculate for sleeve shaping.


I cast on Saturday night, and have gotten this far. I’ve barely started the patterning, but so far I’m loving the yarn and the fabric I’m getting.

Cloud 9

I also made this swatch for an Elizabeth Bennet Cardigan out of Fitted Knits. This was one of those rare occasions where I actually got gauge with the recommened needles and yarn. I got this yarn from Webs on closeout of discontinued colors (they still have a few colors left, btw). This will probably be my next sweater project.

Bee Fields

Next up, I (finally) cast on Bee Fields. If you’ve been here a while, you may recall that I bought this yarn (Claudia Hand Painted Silk Lace in Honey) without a specific project in mind. I saw it and had to have a skein. I wanted one of the more subtly variegated colorways, since I think subtle is best for lace if one uses variegated at all. The two colorways they had that fit what I wanted was this one and one in blues. I was feeling in a bit of a color rut, so I went against the obvious (for me) choice and this one came home with me. When Anne started working on a bee themed shawl pattern, I immediately thought of this yarn, and have just been waiting until my decks were clear enough to cast it on.

Maine Morning Mitts

Finally, I started a pair of Maine Morning Mitts(pdf link) from The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. I had a single skein of Sheep Shop Sheep 1 marinating in my stash, that I bought just to try it out, but hadn’t found a pattern, and didn’t want to just make a swatch. When Clara released this pattern on Knitter’s Review a couple weeks ago, I knew I had found my pattern. I had a chance to look through the book this weekend, and wholeheartedly agree with all the positive reveiws I’ve read for it. The book as comprehensive a reference as I’ve ever seen on different types of fibers and how yarn is constructed and everything else you ever wanted to know about yarn but didn’t know who to ask. Oh, and there’s also some patterns (40). And the only reason it didn’t come home with me was that it’s going on my Christmas Wish List. If no one gifts me with it, I’ll get it for myself after the holidays.

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Posted by notthatkat on October 18, 2007

WordPress ate my first draft of this, just as I was ready to publish. I hate when that happens!

Snow on Cedars Mitts

I finished my Snow on Cedars Mitts last night. I love them so much. I have to say, these were a bit of a challange. Not hard, per se, but there’s a lot going on, and you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing. I hope this doesn’t scare anyone off, because they really are fabulous, and Anne has done her usual outstanding job with the pattern. Everything you need is in there and if you follow the instructions, you shouldn’t have too many problems. Just don’t plan on these for social knitting group or mindless TV/multitask knitting.

I sent my latest (and probably last) set of revisions to Anne this afternoon, but since she left for Rhinebeck this morning, I don’t expect to hear much from her until next week. And speaking of fiber festivals, mine is coming up next weekend and I’m getting really excited! I’m looking forward to meeting up with so many friends both old and new, and my class, and just the unique atmosphere of a good fiber festival.

Snow on Cedars Mitts

The Specs:

Pattern: Snow on Cedars Mitts by Anne Hanson, soon to be released in pattern and kit form (and since I’ve already been asked, I don’t know exactly when Anne is planning to publish this)

Yarn: Hand dyed Merino/Nylon fingering – they used a bit over a third of a 100 g skein. I was afraid the variegation in the yarn would fight with the pattern – I even had a Plan B solid yarn picked out, but I don’t think it would have looked so good.

Needles: 2.75 mm (US2) 5″ Brittany Birch DPN’s – this pattern could not easily have been worked on 2 circs. Maybe Magic Loop-ing, but definitely only one at a time.

Started: October 14, 2007

Finished: October 17, 2007

Modifications: None

My Clapotis is back to center stage, and should be finished by tomorrow night, with blocking taking place over the weekend.

My October Booty Club shipment arrived today, (don’t follow the link if you don’t want to be spoiled) and while I doubt I would have picked out these colors for myself, I love them so much. Since no new yarn has entered my home in just over a month, I’m trying to decide if that is upping the yarn love factor, but overall, I just think Georgia rocks!

ETA: WordPress bug seems to be fixed.  If the edits take here, I’m deleting the link post. 

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Posted by notthatkat on September 27, 2007

At long last, done!

I finished the knitting part late Tuesday night, but saved the grafting for Wednesday morning when I was fresh.

Not quite seamless

After three attempts, I still wasn’t able to manage a completely invisible join, but I decided it was good enough.

Off the needles

Here it is, off the needles, before blocking. Now it’s time for a bit of magic.

A Good Soak

It got a really good soak because after many months on the needles, despite being careful and no accidental spills (and only the one round on the floor with the puppies) boy, was it dirty! I let it soak for a good hour followed by 4 rinse baths. Why? Because the water was still looking dirty after the second one and it took two more to get all the soap out.


The angle of this picture makes it look more rectangular, but it’s pretty square. I did allow the edges leading up to the corners to curve in a bit trying to get a more rounded corner.


The center is done in Diamond Fantasia from Barbara Walker’s Third Treasury


The border came out of my own fevered brow. It arose from the desire to add some white space around the center for a visual rest. It came out pretty much as I imagined.


The edging was cobbled together from several different sources then swatched and tweaked until I though it was just right.

Christening Blanket

Cristening Blanket - Shawl option

While it was conceived as a christening blanket, it could also be used as a shawl (wedding shawl. perhaps?) It was started with the intention of selling it when I was done. I’ve since come to the conclusion that I cannot sell it, and probably no one would pay me enough to compensate for the time put in. So instead I’m making it a family heirloom, to be passed on to my niece when she gets married.

ETA:  Big thanks to Whitney for agreeing to model this outside in our still 90+ degree heat 

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