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WIP it good

Posted by notthatkat on January 2, 2008

Thermal Sleeves

Talk of future knits is all well and good, but it’s the current WIP’s that I’ve been focusing my energies on.  The Thermal sleeves are nearing completion: I started shaping the sleeve caps this morning.  The shaping adjustments I made still seem to be working out, so I’m not too worried about it anymore.  I am looking forward to getting this one done so I can wear it.

Colortweed Socks

The Colortweed socks are practically flying off the needles.  I tried a band heel, and when I got to the pick up part, either my math was wonky, or I did something wrong, because I had more slipped stitches on each side than I was supposed to pick up.  This would have left me with too many stitches or holes if I skipped some on my pick up.  I pulled it out and worked my usual short row heel.  Maybe I’ll try this heel again later, but I just couldn’t face reworking it at that time.


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