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Christmas Preparations

Posted by notthatkat on December 23, 2007

I’ve been feeling a distinct lack of excitement about the Christmas season this year. I don’t feel Bah Humbug about it, so much as just not getting into it. I suspect this ennui where the holiday is concerned stems, at least in part, from the extremely un-winter like weather we’ve had until recently. The last week or so, we have cooled down (as well as getting some desperately needed rainfall), but last week we were having temperatures in the mid 70’s to low 80’s. There are also some other factors that come into play, but I don’t want to get into them at this time. Hopefully things will work out for the better in the near future.

Ice Queen

I did manage to finish up Ice Queen for my Mom on Tuesday and gave it a gentle blocking. My love for this pattern remains strong, and I highly recommend it. I will be making more in the future.

Ice Queen Mirror Shot

Here’s a (slightly blurry) mirror shot. It can be worn around the neck, like I’m doing here, or pulled up around the face like a hood.

Beaded Picot Bind Off

I especially like the beaded bind off around the bottom. This really gives the edge zing.

Lucy Sweater

I cast on for Lucy’s sweater on Friday evening. (I didn’t knit more than a couple rounds on my current Sock-in-Progress in the interim) . This is where it was last night, just before placing the leg holes.

Lucy Sweater

I finished it this evening, although I still have a few ends to weave in. It is an original design I came up with on the fly. It includes a central braided cable, flanked by two OXOX cables. There is a simple 4 stitch cable running down the chest. The sides are in reverse stockinette. It is pretty similar in basic construction to the one I made her last year, but I changed the cables. I chose to do this since last year’s sweater fits her so well.

Leash Hole

One of my favorite touches is a small opening at the back of the neck, just big enough to slip a leash clasp through.

I braved the mall yesterday to get some last minute shopping done. I don’t actually mind being in the mall, even with all the crowds. The part I object to is the parking. I wouldn’t even care about hiking in from the back of beyond, but getting any parking space at our local mall this time of year is next to impossible. I literally had to circle a good section of the lot for a good 20 minutes before I found a space at all.

Once in, I got the necessary shopping done, then decided to do a bit of shopping for me. I needed a nice outfit for some upcoming functions. I tried on lots of pants and skirts along with tops and a few suits, and was about to give up on finding something that I loved, in favor of something that would do, when I found a great pant suit. It fits well, and is flattering, and suits my needs perfectly. And it was a roaring bargain at 65% off. The only downside is that the suit required the addition of new shoes to the wardrobe, as nothing I had would work quite right with it.

Mary Janes

I wandered over to the shoe department and picked out these. They work fantastic with the suit, and I love, love, love them. I’ve always had a thing for Mary Janes, which I can’t entirely explain. I have no vivid childhood memory of wearing them, or of wanting and not getting them.

Mary Janes

These are basically very grown up Mary Janes. (Those are the pants from the suit in the photo too). They are surprisingly comfortable, given the height of the heel, especially since I rarely wear heels over about an inch and a half. They were deeply discounted as well, although not quite as deeply as the suit. All in all a great shopping excursion for someone who is often ambivalent about shopping in general.

I doubt I’ll be posting over the next couple days, so I hope that those of you who celebrate it have a very Merry Christmas.


One Response to “Christmas Preparations”

  1. 1craftyboy said

    Are you mad,woman? Going to any mall at this time of year is absolute insanity!! LOL!!! Do you know how long I’ve waited to blurt out “Are you mad,woman?” at somebody? LOL!
    The “Ice Queen” is absolutely stunning! And I love Lucy’s coat. Too cute! I made Baby a sweater once,but she refuses to wear anything of the sort. Oh well.
    Have a Happy Christmas!!

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