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Christmas Knitting in Full Swing

Posted by notthatkat on December 14, 2007

The mad dash of Christmas knitting continues. While I deliberately chose not to knit any big items (sweater, big lace, afghan, etc) for anyone this year, I have made little things for everyone in my family.

The clogs were finished Friday night. At least the knitting was finished. Before felting they looked like this (my size 8 foot added for scale):

Unfelted Clogs

After about 20 minutes in the washing machine, they had shrunk down to the proper size:

Felted Clogs

These are the Felt Clogs from Fiber Trends that practically everyone and their brother has knit (at least it seems like practically everyone in the knit blogosphere has knit them at least once or twice). These are quick and easy and come out just great. That Bev Galeskas, she’s a genius, I tell you.

These are for my Dad. I was going to give the bottoms a non-stick treatment, but I think I’ll wait and make sure they don’t need to be felted down a bit more before doing so. I erred on the side of possibly being a smidge too big on the theory that they could always be shrunk down a bit more if need be.


Then on Saturday, I started a pair of Dashing mitts for my brother-in-law. These are a quick and easy knit, and look so nice. They are knit out in Moda Dea Washable Wool in Taupe. I shortened the cuff by a cable repeat (10 rounds) as I felt the length of the cuff as written wouldn’t appeal to the recipient.


I made a dog sweater out of this yarn last year and was surprised by how much I liked it. It has a soft hand, a nice drape, and holds up fairly well. The cabled construction makes stitch work show up very well. And machine washability is an important consideration in my sister’s household. Big thanks to Khebhin for his input on color and letting me use his arm for sizing on Saturday.

Merino Tencle Lace Weight Redux

At my fiber guild meeting on Sunday, I started the second bobbin for my merino tencel lace weight. (This is the yarn I’m spinning for Spun Stitches, if you’re new or don’t remember.) I enjoyed the break I took from it, but I’m looking forward to getting this yarn done. This is how much I managed to spin over the course of the three hour guild meeting. I haven’t managed to spin any more. Hopefully I will make more progress over the weekend. However, no matter how much I want to finish, I still have a ways to go for this. I am not a production spinner in general, but spinning this fine takes extra care and attention and the first bobbin felt like it took forever. Here’s hoping I can get the second one done more quickly.

Alpaca Cloud

A bit of stash diving turned up some lovely grey Alpaca Cloud and I found some nice beads to pair with it. They are clear, but black lined and although I’m not sure they look as good in the picture as in person, they look so great with this yarn. I have lots more of this yarn and might have to use this yarn/bead combination again. On Tuesday night I cast on Ice Queen for my Mom.

Ice Queen

She is almost done. I’m adding a bit of extra length (16 rounds) as she seemed a bit short when I had completed the main part as instructed. I know she’ll grow once blocked, but I’d rather have her a bit on the long side than too short. I am making the garter stitch version, mostly because I like the bead placement better for that one. When I make one for myself, I might make the stockinette stitch version, but use the bead placement from the garter stitch one.

Ice Queen Closeup

Here’s a close up of the beads on the lace. It’s a simple feather and fan pattern and it has gone pretty fast. I love this pattern to an embarrassing degree and could see making several more down the road.

Once Ice Queen is done, I will have only one more item remaining in my Christmas knitting queue – a sweater for my sister’s family dog, a Jack Russell named Lucy.


This is Lucy modeling last year’s Christmas sweater (the one made with the Washable Wool) I make her a sweater every year for Christmas, of original design. I started several years ago when Marie commented on how difficult it is to find sweaters or coats to fit her. Typical of her breed, she has a very deep chest relative to her length. Sweaters that fit her chest tend to be too long, while those that fit her length tend to be too tight. This one was a big hit with both Lucy and the family. I have some more of this yarn in Raspberry for this year’s sweater, but I haven’t even begun to think about what I want to do with it. Oh well, I have a bit over a week to figure it out and get something worked up.

Then it’s back to my neglected Thermal and Bee Fields. They have been patiently waiting their turns to come around again. Soon, my pretties… soon.


2 Responses to “Christmas Knitting in Full Swing”

  1. 1craftyboy said

    The Ice Queen is looking great!! And the mitts are wonderful! Anytime you need my arm,let me know!! LOL!

  2. Donna said

    The spinning…oh my gosh….beautiful!

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