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Princess and the Pea Syndrome

Posted by notthatkat on November 9, 2007

While I was away last week for continuing ed, diligently working away on my Thermal, I noticed that the nickel plating on my needles began to crack and peel.  These were on my 3.5mm (US4) Knit Picks Options tips.  This is the first big project I’ve used this size for, although I have used them for the small ends of a 2 circ project, IIRC.  And it happened on both tips in the set.  While I have not heard nearly as much about this issue as the one with the cords (which I’ve also encountered with my set) , I seem to recall hearing mention of others having the same problem from time to time (although a google search didn’t bring up any specific links).

I called Knit Picks on Saturday and was promised a replacement set of tips would be sent out and arrive in my hands within two weeks (gotta love that “no questions asked” replacement policy).  In the meantime, I continued knitting on my Thermal with the peeling tips.  For what it’s worth, the peeling seems to have slowed down if not stopped altogether.  I began to worry if I did not overreact to the problem.  The peeling is barely visible to me, because I know it’s there.   I’m not sure anyone else would spot it unless I pointed it out.  While I can feel the edges where the plating has peeled away, it is not snagging my yarn or causing me other major problems.  The little silvery flakes are easily enough brushed away.

But I could still feel the edges where the plating had flaked with every stitch, and it was getting in the way of my enjoyment of knitting this project.  Was I suffering from Princess and the Pea syndrome?  Was I perhaps making foothills out of molehills (I certainly wasn’t making mountains)  Should I have been able to ignore the slight irregularity on the surface of my needles?

My replacement tips arrived in the mail today.  And the flawed tips were immediately replace with the new ones.  Wow, what a difference!  Knitting aesthetics restored.   Maybe I am the proverbial Princess and these tips were my Pea, but I realized once I changed how much this was impacting my feeling about knitting this sweater.

I don’t spend a whole lot of time trying to establish where I come down on the Process/Product divide, but I’m enough of a Process Knitter that if I’m not enjoying knitting a project, I tend to simply stop working on it.  Progress on Thermal has slowed down, partially due to less time to devote to knitting, partially because the Bee has commanded more of my attention, but I think also because I wasn’t enjoying knitting with those flawed needle tips.

Now I’m gonna go knit a bit on my Thermal, and maybe on the Bee as well.


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