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Five and a half inches

Posted by notthatkat on November 4, 2007


That’s how much length I added to my Thermal over 20 hours of Continuing Education (in 2 ½ days). My brain is now officially full. In many ways, I find CE more tiring than working in the clinic. After so many hours in lecture, I’m exhausted. It will take me a while to process everything from this week, but the lectures I attended were very good. I did some urinary tract and upper respiratory topics, a couple hours on dentistry, and lots of wound care. Little of it was what I’d call revolutionary (although the information on lower urinary tract disease in cats was a fair shift in a direction the research has been headed for a while now) but much of it is very relevant to my practice. In years past, I’ve sometimes finished CE saying to myself, this is all very interesting, but not very applicable in a private practice situation.

Thermal Placket

I added a couple inches to Thermal on the ride home (once again, I didn’t have to drive, and made use of the rare occasion to knit on the road) and last night, I divided for the neck placket. I am raising the neck so I can wear mine without another shirt under it and not be “on display” I raised the start of the placket by about half an inch, but I am also lengthening the placket. I think I’ve got it all figured out, but we’ll see when I get there. I have about half an inch to go, then I divide for the armholes and work in sections, starting with the back. This is the first test of my “adapting for a very different row gauge.” Wish me luck.


I got home and found a package waiting for me from Anne. She told me she was going to send me something good for test knitting (which I didn’t expect). She does not disappoint. In the package was a lovely skein of Briar Rose Fibers Grace. This yarn is not on the website at present, but it is a superwash merino/bamboo/nylon blend The colors are fabulous and perfect for me, and it is soft and squishy, and I might just keep it around for a while just to pet it. Thank you Anne. (Gift yarn has no calories and doesn’t count as cheating on the yarn diet!)

I finished the first bobbin of the Merino/Silk singles I started spinning at SAFF, but the pictures I took came out horribly. I have two more ounces to spin, then I can ply. Then back to the lace weight. Probably.


3 Responses to “Five and a half inches”

  1. Donna said

    About that yarn….YUM! It is gorgeous!!

  2. Patricia said

    Ya gotta love meetings. I do the same thig, sit in the back and knit under the tables. CEU’s and knitwear to boot!

  3. susan said

    I was lucky enough to score one skein of Grace at a Wool Festival that Briar Rose was at this summer. I am saving mine as well, for petting purposes.

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