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On The Road Again

Posted by notthatkat on October 31, 2007

… Like a band of Gypsies we go down the highway.

Linda, my office manager, and I drove up to Raleigh today for half a week of continuing education.  We left town about 1 in the afternoon and arrived at the hotel  about 4:30.  We settled in and hung out until we were able to pick up our registration packets at 6.  After a not very good dinner, which I complained about and got half off, we went in search for a Walmart or similar type store, because Linda left her phone charger behind last weekend and needs to get a replacement.  We were unsuccessful in locating a suitable source, and returned to the hotel.  We were almost there when I realized that we should have looked it up before we left.  A store has been located and directions have been printed, so we might make another attempt tomorrow.  Or she might just leave the phone on her car charger for a while.

While I mostly spun at SAFF, some knitting progress has been made.

Maine Morning Mitt 2

I finished the first Maine Morning Mitt except for the thumb, and decided to knit the the main part of the second one before adding thumbs to both.  The yarn has a bit more random VM than  I would like, but the colors are fabulous and they are looking great.

Bee Fields

The Bee Fields (which needs a better backdrop to show up the pattern) is enjoying a short time out as of this afternoon.  I got through the hive section and everything looked good.  I tried twice to work the first row of the swarm section and suddenly things have gotten wonky.  Either I inadvertently messed up the end of the hive section or I’m not doing the first row of the next section right.  In either case, I wasn’t accomplishing anything but raising my own frustration level.  I tinked back (again) to the start of the first row, and will try to figure out where I went wrong when I’m in a better mindset.  And preferably not in a moving car.


For the rest of the ride (I had the rare, for me, occasion of being a passenger and therefore able to knit on the road) I worked on my Thermal.  I’ve got about 7 inches of the body, and come to the conclusion that my row gauge is even more off than I had thought.  Since I’m working even at the moment, all I have to do is work to length, but I will have to modify my shaping pretty significantly.  I’ve still got another 6 inches of working even, and I’m crunching the numbers a little at a time.

Now it’s off to bed so I’m fresh to sit through lectures and talks all day tomorrow.  Thermal will be my mindless knitting project to work on if I don’t have to take notes (most of the speakers provide very complete lecture notes).


3 Responses to “On The Road Again”

  1. 1craftyboy said

    I love the way the Thermal is looking!! And the colors on the mitts looks great! Are you using 2 circs? The pictures kinda looks like magic loop. Have a good trip!!

  2. Donna said

    It’s all pretty!! Thermal is a nice sweater. I love the color you chose, too.

  3. susan said

    Oh lucky you knitting and CE classes! My doc would not understand the knitting part, last time I even took a different flight. The fiber festival looked like fun!

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