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SAFF 2007 Round Up

Posted by notthatkat on October 29, 2007

While so many of my online knitting friends and bloggers I follow were off to MS&W and Rhinebeck and other fiber festivals large and small scattered all over the country, I waited patiently. (Not that I wouldn’t like to go to some of those other more distant festivals sometime and meet the fiber people I only know from email and blogs.) But I waited patiently because my turn was coming. SAFF is not a big fiber festival, as such things go. There was no BMFA booth, no mad rushes on a particular yarn or fiber, at least that I witnessed. No author’s section (although Lynne Vogel did sign her new book on Friday, when I wasn’t there). Instead, it is a small-ish festival with a very local/regional flavor, great workshops, and a chance to sit and spin or knit with friends old and new. And we like it like that!

This was my second year at SAFF and I had a blast yet again. I was a bad blogger, and did not get lots of cute animal pictures from the barns. This is largely due to battery issues on Saturday, when I couldn’t find my spares and the fact that I didn’t make it back out to the barn areas on Sunday.

I drove up to Ashville on Saturday after the office closed. I arrived a bit after 2, just in time for the Ravelry/Blogger meet-up of the day. This was held in a small barn called the Blue Barn (betcha’ can’t guess why), which was packed to the gunnels when I arrived. We were advised to bring chairs, as they might be limited, but finding a place to set up my chair and my wheel was a bit of a challenge at first.

I hung out there for most of the afternoon, although I did do a turn thourgh the barns and a couple times though the main arena area. I also managed to get a couple pictures before my batteries totally died:

Ravelry/Blogger Meetup

In the center, working on the orange sock (who was much less blurry in real live) is Jen AKA Mean Girl, who was one of my test knitters for my sock pattern.

Ravelry/Blogger Meetup

Don’t let the empty chair fool you – she had just stepped away for a moment.

I met so many people who I had only know online through Ravelry and/or the blogosphere, and it was great to put names with faces.

On Sunday morning I took a dyeing workshop with Nancy Shroyer. The subject was how to hand paint a variegated yarn that doesn’t stripe, pool, or stack. While much of the information was stuff I already knew, the class was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. After a brief introduction and instruction session, we broke up into small groups of 3-4 and started putting dye to yarn:

Dyeing Workshop

Dyeing Workshop

Dyeing Workshop

Dyeing Workshop

When we were done, there was lots of pretty yarn:

Dyeing Workshop

Dyeing Workshop

After a brief break, we got back together and showed off our yarns, including what our original intention was, how it came out, and what we learned.

Hand Dyed Yarn

This is the skein my team made for me (we took turns taking the lead so everyone got a skein in the end) The colors are very me, and I love it.

After the workshop, I sat and spun with friends in the Spin-In area of the main arena. And there may have been a bit of shopping, but I’m leaving that for tomorrow.

When I got home, there was very squee worthy news waiting for me. When I checked my blog stats, I noticed a marked increase in traffic to my site. Much more than I would expect from giving out my address at SAFF. I followed the most obvious source and found that Dee at Posh Yarn has recommend my sock pattern for one of their yarns! So welcome, to anyone who has found me through that link. If you’re just here for the pattern, the link is in the sidebar. If you’d like to stay a while, please feel free to pull up a chair.

Tomorrow – my very restrained fiber haul… no seriously, I was very good.


2 Responses to “SAFF 2007 Round Up”

  1. Dee said

    I rather think I’ll pull up a chair myself, if I may. That dye workshop looks very interesting; have you tried knitting with your skein yet, and if so, what does it knit up like? The colours remind me of sweet peas….

  2. Donna said

    Your yarn turned out great. Looks like we have similar taste in colors, too.

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