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Apologies for blog silence…

Posted by notthatkat on October 4, 2007

I was madly knitting to complete my Cable-Down Raglan in time to enter it in the State Fair yesterday.  I made it, although without much of a margin.

Cable-Down Raglan

I blocked it Tuesday night with a fan blowing across it all night so it would dry in time.  Overall, I’m pleased with how it came out, but I did make some modifications.  I started the waist cables sooner than the pattern called for, although if I made it again, I might start them even higher.  I also shortened the overall length by about 5 inches.  Had I made it to the specified length, it would have come about halfway to my knees.  As it is, it’s a good length for me.   If I made it again, I might taper the sleeves a bit.  The wide sleeves are pretty, but being the klutz that I am, they might wind up wearing a bit of food.

Cable-Down Raglan

I am pleased overall with how it came out.  By the time I get it back in a couple weeks it might (might) be cool enough to wear it.

So I took all my entries down to the fair grounds yesterday.  In addition to my Cable-Down Raglan, I also entered the infamous christening blanket, my messenger bag, and the following items that haven’t made appearances here by virtue of being finished before I started blogging again earlier this year:


My Shedir cap

Hat and Scarf

My Edgar scarf and matching hat

Entrelac Shrug

The entrelac shrug I made last winter


and the Bayerische socks I made last fall/winter and haven’t been wearing because I knew I wanted to enter them.  They look better in person, trust me.
I am hoping to do well overall, but my highest hopes are for the blanket.  It is the “biggest” knitting I’ve ever done, not just in terms of actual size, but also in terms of design and work and sheer number of stitches.

So after finishing all that deadline knitting I wasn’t quite sure where to go next.  I got my mystery stole to the halfway point (I’m making mine symmetrical) and have to get started on the second half.

I have a few sweaters lined up that I have both pattern and yarn.  The hard part is deciding which one I want to do next.  It’s like I’ve got a bad case of Starteritis.  So bad, I can’t even decide what to cast on next.

I did make a wee swatch yesterday.


This might very well be my next sweater, but it’s a bit summery and I’m feeling the need to knit warm woollies now that it’s finally cooling off a bit..

I have the yarn for a Thermal, I just need to dig up the right size needle and swatch for it.   And there are a few more sweaters rattling around the old brain-pan.  I might just swatch up several then decide which one is calling me the most.

Hand Painted Socks

In the mean time, I got a bit more done on my hand painted socks.  I decided to add a lace insert up each side of the leg.


Oh, and I may also have cast on a Clapotis.


2 Responses to “Apologies for blog silence…”

  1. Donna said

    Everything is so pretty! I especially like your sweater.

  2. ladyoftheloom said

    OH, my. Since last time I read blogs you have accomplished a of work! That cable down raglan is awesome! And I just may have to cast on a clapotis too!

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