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Posted by notthatkat on September 27, 2007

At long last, done!

I finished the knitting part late Tuesday night, but saved the grafting for Wednesday morning when I was fresh.

Not quite seamless

After three attempts, I still wasn’t able to manage a completely invisible join, but I decided it was good enough.

Off the needles

Here it is, off the needles, before blocking. Now it’s time for a bit of magic.

A Good Soak

It got a really good soak because after many months on the needles, despite being careful and no accidental spills (and only the one round on the floor with the puppies) boy, was it dirty! I let it soak for a good hour followed by 4 rinse baths. Why? Because the water was still looking dirty after the second one and it took two more to get all the soap out.


The angle of this picture makes it look more rectangular, but it’s pretty square. I did allow the edges leading up to the corners to curve in a bit trying to get a more rounded corner.


The center is done in Diamond Fantasia from Barbara Walker’s Third Treasury


The border came out of my own fevered brow. It arose from the desire to add some white space around the center for a visual rest. It came out pretty much as I imagined.


The edging was cobbled together from several different sources then swatched and tweaked until I though it was just right.

Christening Blanket

Cristening Blanket - Shawl option

While it was conceived as a christening blanket, it could also be used as a shawl (wedding shawl. perhaps?) It was started with the intention of selling it when I was done. I’ve since come to the conclusion that I cannot sell it, and probably no one would pay me enough to compensate for the time put in. So instead I’m making it a family heirloom, to be passed on to my niece when she gets married.

ETA:  Big thanks to Whitney for agreeing to model this outside in our still 90+ degree heat 


6 Responses to “Whew!”

  1. Pat Holley said

    Kat, that is beautiful. Realy, there are no words to describe how it is. I’m glad you didn’t sell it. It is too precious. It is too wonderful.

  2. Khebhin said

    Wow!! It was looking cool all along,but it really turned out incredible!!! I am so jealous!!

  3. Beverly said

    It’s lovely. You’ve done a wonderful job. Your niece will love it.

  4. Dee Medley said

    Wow! Fabulous! You are an inspiration!

  5. […] Whew! […]

  6. Mischa said

    that is postively beautiful!!!

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