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Playing in the Dye Pot Again

Posted by notthatkat on September 25, 2007

This weekend, while hanging out with one of my knitting friends, I came up with an idea of what to do with the partial leftover ball which the dogs chewed on.  I have about 280 yards/32 grams left, not much of anything, really, but I have an idea….

The first step was dyeing.

Teal Laceweight

I was going for a shaded solid similar to the teal green sections of my current hand dyed sock yarn.  I love the result.  Now I have to fit the next step (the knitting) into my queue.  After the blanket is finished (4 1/2 repeats to go, I should finish tonight!)  And perhaps a few other things.

Of course, this led to the need for more dyeing, which you should expect from me by now.  I can’t seem to stop with just one.


This is not nearly so shockingly hot pink as it appears in this picture, more of a medium raspberry.  Again it is a shaded solid.  This is a full skein at 880 yards/100 g.  Enough for a decent sized project.  I have one more full skein of this yarn as well as about half of my current ball that I will probably be playing around with this dyeing technique.  The question is whether to dye them separately and have enough for a scarf and a small to medium shawl, or to dye them at the same time and have enough for a fairly large project (although not as large as the blanket.)

Then there’s all the undyed fiber in the stash….


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