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Lace – Tragic No More

Posted by notthatkat on September 17, 2007

So I went to my LYS on Saturday and bought a replacement needle:

addi Turbo Lace

I decided to splurge (a whole extra dollar) and try out a set of Addi Turbo lace needles. I wasn’t having trouble with the regular Addi Turbos, but the pointier tips do make working lace easier. I like the tips on my Options set for lace also, so I doubt I’ll be picking these up in many sizes, but I do like these needles as well.


While I was there, I picked up a skein of TOFUtsies in a lovely semi-solid pink (Light Foot). This was the first time I’d run across it in person and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. I resisted the siren call of the other yarns there including Trekking in a lovely autumnal colorway that is totally outside my usual color palate but called to me none the less; or adding another skein of Paca-Paints to my collection.

Transferring stitches

The next task was getting the live stitches transferred from the old needles to the new ones. I decided the needle end was too mangled, so I trimmed the jagged end off the cord end so as to not snag my yarn. Then came the long task of moving the stitches, one at a time. 605 stitches total. Yes, I counted them. 41 edging stitches, 24o on the partially completed side, 324 on the full side. Since I started my edging with over 1300 live stitches not counting the edge stitches, 564 stitches left seems not so bad.

The puppies were indicted, tried, and convicted for crimes against Addi Turbo, but the sentence was suspended because – puppies will be puppies.

State of Lace

I’m now halfway done with the third side (53 done, 31 to go) and I laid it out today as best I could. There are still too many live stitches left on the needles to show it off well, and the corners won’t look right until it’s blocked (as if lace ever looks right before it’s blocked) but I’m excited about how it’s all coming together.

Cable-Down Raglan

While the blanket was on hiatus, the Cable-Down Raglan saw some action, getting a couple inches added to its length. I just barely working the waist cables, although you can’t tell from this picture. I enjoyed working on it again and it was a bit tough to put it away again once the blanket was ready to go again. I had hoped to have this ready to put in the fair as well, but the blanket is the first priority.

Solstice Slip Socks

Between lace knitting and cabling, I managed to finish my Solstice Slip Socks. These came out great! This was the June offering for the Rockin’ Sock Club, and for anyone in the club, the pattern and yarn should be available to the general public sometime next year from Blue Moon.

I posted the comment a while back that I found the stitch pattern a bit fiddly. I realized the irony of that statement, given the nature of many of my other projects, about two seconds after I posted that blog entry. What I meant was it was a bit fiddly in a way didn’t thrill me. While it got more enjoyable as I became more familiar with it, I did find it hard to find my rhythm. The resulting sock is quite attractive however.

Solstice Slip Toes

This sock used the same garter stitch short row heel and toe as the Inside Out sock from the February club kit.


This was all the yarn I had left after I had bound off and woven in my yarn ends.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to start another sock right away, considered another small projects like a hat or gloves, but it didn’t seem right to see Stephanie without a sock on the needles. I’ve decided to knit up one of the yarns I dyed last month, but I haven’t settled on a pattern yet.

Off to knit a repeat or two of lace, and perhaps cast on a sock or two….


One Response to “Lace – Tragic No More”

  1. Donna said

    Wow. Everything is so pretty! Those bright socks are especially nice. Which LYS is your local? We’ve not been to a shop in your area in a long time. I think we’re past due a trip to Hook ‘n Needle.

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