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Dyeing for more.

Posted by notthatkat on September 10, 2007

I came to the realization a while back that epic knitting projects, in part due to their scale, do not make for great blog fodder. While I could show you a picture of the christening blanket in it’s current state, it doesn’t look significantly different from the last time I posted about it. This is in part because it is still mostly scrunched up on the needles and in part because a lot of knitting doesn’t look like very much when compared to the large portion already knit. Instead I’ll ask you to celebrate with me that I passed the halfway point for the second side. 32 repeats down, 52 to go!

I will instead attempt to distract you from the lack of knitting photos by showing you my latest efforts in yarn dyeing:


I’m calling this colorway Life Savers, because it reminds me of the colors in a roll of classic 5 flavors.  I wound this skein on my warping board and painted each section a different color or shade.  I zapped it in the microwave then let it cool, washed and dried, then reskeined.

Mean Greens

This colorway, I’m calling Mean Greens.  I dyed the entire skein light green in an immersion bath, then hot poured other shades of green, as well as yellow and a bit of turquoise.  Once the dye bath cooled, I again washed and rinsed.  I had almost no color bleed with either skein.  I wasn’t sure this one worked until I reskeined, then I was sold.

I have some fiber to dye, but this was the last of my sock yarn blanks (I have some silk lace weight, but I’m waiting until I have a bit more practice under my belt).  I’ll probably try to knit up at least some of the yarn I’ve already dyed before getting more blanks.

Now I’m off to knit more lace edging.  I’ve set a goal for myself of 4 repeats per day.  This is a bit more than I have to do to get it done in time to enter it in the State Fair, but that way I have a bit of leeway if I have a bad knitting day.


2 Responses to “Dyeing for more.”

  1. sockergirl said

    Wow… Love the greens..

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