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I Blame the Drugs

Posted by notthatkat on September 7, 2007

I discovered today that all the photos I uploaded to Flickr were marked as private.  I’m not sure how that happened unless the default was changed while I was away, but I’ve changed them all to public and they should be accessible at this link now.

I started with a head cold on Monday night/Tuesday morning last week, just before I left town.  I arrived in Atlanta loaded up with cold medicine, vitamin C, zinc and assorted other medicines and natural remedies.  It seemed like a normal head cold, and I was good to go with over-the-counter treatments despite the fact that my voice was pretty much gone by midday Friday.  But then by Saturday evening, I started developing a cough.  Not just any cough, but the deep, non-productive, heavy in the chest type of cough that indicates the start of BIG trouble for me.  I had a bad case of bronchitis as a teenager, and ever since then, any cold that moves into my chest is going to turn into bronchitis if not caught early.  I managed to get myself to the urgent care center my insurance company referred me to (one in the Greater Atlanta area!) Sunday afternoon (Thanks, Bo!).  I explained the situation to the nice doctor and left with prescriptions for antibiotics and two different cough suppressants – one for daytime, and a heavy duty one for night time.  I am now the proud custodian of a full fledged Traveling Pharmacy™.  I am feeling much better now, have gotten my voice back (mostly, I’m still a bit hoarse, but no longer cracking and croaking) and the cough is going away.  One of my very best and oldest Con friends called to check on me today, which meant so much for such a small thing.

Good thing I’m feeling better, since work has been kicking me in the fanny since I got back.  Yesterday was busy, but not too bad, but all Hades broke loose today.  Is there a full moon tonight?  On top of three scheduled surgeries, I had two patients with fairly immediate need of stitches – one minor (clipper wound) and one semi-major (dog attack).  I worked through our two hour lunch break – I generally take an hour on a good day, but use the other hour or so to catch up on paperwork, client communication, etc.  Today, I got maybe twenty minutes to bolt down some food and catch my breath before the afternoon rush started.  Tomorrow morning looks crazy as well, but at least it’s only a half day, then I have my local knit group (three out of four of us are planning to be there) and my Augusta fiber guild meeting on Sunday.  And somewhere in there I will have to find time to do laundry if I’m to have anything to wear next week.

And somewhere in there, I’m still hoping to catch up on a bit of sleep.


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