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Klingons and Stormtroopers and Pirates, oh my!

Posted by notthatkat on September 6, 2007

I’m back, more or less in one piece, and consider this to have been a more or less successful outing.

There was very little knitting done over the last week or so, but I’m doing a knitting update first, so if you have no interest in con activities, you can skip that part.

Solstice Slip Socks

I did make a bit of progress on my socks. I have almost 4 inches above the heel. The pattern calls for 5 inches, but my basic plan is to knit until I run out of yarn. The pattern also calls for pattern stitches to continue up to the very top, but I’m thinking about doing about an inch or so of K3P2 ribbing without the slip stitches or cabling.

Christening Blanket

I’ve also gotten a fair bit done on the edging of my christening blanket. I have completed the first side, and about a repeat and a half of the second side. Someone needs to remind me of this project the next time I decide to take on big lace on tiny, tiny needles.

I did a couple rounds of my CDR, but it was entirely too hot to knit on a wool sweater last week. Last year, I spent a fair bit of time in the office manning the base radio unit and had a fair bit of time to knit. This year, when I wasn’t running to and fro, I was talking on the phone or juggling three different issues at once and knitting time was scarce.

Now on to the Con report. I’m putting it behind a cut, so if you’re not interested, you don’t have to wait for a bunch of pictures to load.

What to say about Dragon*Con? It’s one of those events that’s hard to sum up in words or pictures. You kind of have to experience it for yourself.

That being said, there was a parade:

Dragon*Con Parade

Including biker Klingons:

Biker Klingons

and a pretty good recreation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

The Holy Grail

There were Stormtroopers:


And Pirates:

Pirates of the Carribean

A great Mad Eye Moody:

Mad Eye Moody

A charming Scarlett O’Hara:


I’m not sure what characters these ladies were doing, but I found them charming:

Lovely Ladies

I’ve got a few more pictures in my Dragon*Con set, but quite frankly, I was working so much of the time I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked, and there is so much going on, it’s impossible to get everything. One of my favorite aspects of Con is that people in costume and those in “normal” clothes wind up blending together, and as soon as the costumers see you with a camera, they start posing.

After the Dead Dog (after Con party for staff) there was a ritual launching of a Dragon*Con Christmas ornament:

Ritual Launching

Last seen floating away over downtown Atlanta:

Up Up and Away

But perhaps my favorite picture from this year came from the Dealer’s room:

Touch the Weapons

Finally we have the quotable quotes from this year’s con:

Dragon*Con – it’s like Mardi Gras for geeks.

Romulan Ale make Jesus naked.

That’s an autograph I’d stand in line for. (trust me, you had to be there)

I can run faster scared than you can chase me pissed.

I’d like to see more of the Hilton than Ron Glass’ room.

What happens at Con, stays at Con.


One Response to “Klingons and Stormtroopers and Pirates, oh my!”

  1. Andeylayne said

    The socks are gorgeous. Love the pattern.

    Completely unrelated question: What do you think of the glycerine soap that you can buy at Hobby Lobby and melt down? Is it worth the money? Your how-to on soap-making was really neat, but I just don’t think I’m brave enough to try making soap from scratch. I really want to try scents/additives/etc as Christmas presents, though.

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