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FO – John’s Knucks

Posted by notthatkat on August 28, 2007

Things are still crazy busy getting ready for Con, but I wanted to pop in and show the FO I managed to accomplish this weekend.

John's Knucks

Pattern: Knucks men’s size

Yarn: Moda Dea Washable Wool in black.

Needles: 3.75 (US size 5) 2 16″ circulars

John's Knucks

(It’s very hard to get a good photo of your non-dominant hand like this!)

Started: May 3, 2007

Completed August 25, 2007

Notes: This was a quick and easy knit, the pattern was clearly written, and the fact that it took me nearly 4 months to finish them should not deter you from making a pair. The knitting was done in a few days. Then I stressed about the embroidery. In the pattern they suggested using embroidery floss, but I wasn’t sure about embroidering on wool with cotton. In the end, I used some leftover sock yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid in Loden) and I think they came out great.

The next question was how to embroider on a knit fabric. I tried back stitch, I tried satin stitch. I tried stem stitch. None of them looked quite right. Then I read the pattern directions and used the recommended chain stitch. Much better.

John's Knucks

I hope John likes them as much as I do.

I’m leaving tonight after work and driving to my friends’ house that is about half way to Atlanta. (I can make the trip easily in one day, but this puts me in Atlanta mid morning without having to set out at ‘0-dark-early in the morning.) By mid-morning tomorrow I will be at the Dragon*Con site and getting last minute issues worked out. We really get going on Thursday, although the con doesn’t officially start until Friday. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to post, but I’ll try to pop in and say hi and maybe post some con pictures. Either way, I’ll try to get some good pictures to post here. There will definitely be picture worthy goings-on. I will be back home next Wednesday, although if past history is any indicator, it will probably take me a few days to recover.


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