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Posted by notthatkat on August 14, 2007

As in – my shoulder.  My anything-that-can-go-wrong-will streak that started on Sunday decided to continue into Monday.  Let me tell you, only I could manage it like this, too.

Yesterday morning, I was in an exam room working on a patient.  As is often the case with the bigger ones (this one was a 110 lb Lab), I sat down on the floor to do my thing (routine annual exam and vaccinations)  The exam went fine; the shots were given without any fuss; and I drew blood for some additional testing I discussed with the owner (got up to get tubes and needle to draw blood, then back down on the floor, because no way was I lifting her onto a table)  Once we were all done, I placed my right hand flat against the floor and pushed up to get up, a maneuver I perform all the time, only to feel something go zing in my shoulder.  This was closely followed by pretty significant pain.

I immediately took some Alieve (my NSAID of choice), applied an ice pack, and put a call in to my physical therapist/sister to get her input.  After describing the initial injury and what arm movements seem to cause me the most pain (abduction – raising my arm to the side above about a 70° angle) we have come to the conclusion that I probably have a rotator cuff impingement/tendonitis/bursitis.  We don’t think I have a tear, as I don’t have any weakness, but the first problem can result in the second one, so this is not something to mess around with.

I am currently on a course of regular NSAID’s, ice packing, pendulum exercises and  the “if it hurts, don’t do it” approach.  If I’m not significantly better in a week, I seek a doctor’s care (my first question to my sister was, do I need to go see a doctor immediately).  If my symptoms have improved, we will start a program of stretching and strengthening exercises designed to help avoid re-injury.

I am somewhat encouraged by the fact that I did not have trouble sleeping because of the pain (a common occurrence with shoulder injuries), and when I got up this morning, I did not have significant pain until after I had been up a couple hours going about my usual routine.  I’m hoping this is a good sign.  Also, so far the pain doesn’t seem to be exacerbated by knitting like my elbow tendinitis of this spring.  (I tell you, I’m falling apart!)

Cable-Down Raglan

I managed to get finished with the yoke of my Cable-Down Raglan and separate the sleeves from the body.  The white cotton is from where I put the stitches on waste yarn to try it on at the first size option I was considering.  I decided to go up a size, but kept the yarn in to serve as a lifeline in case I change my mind later.

Cable-Down Raglan

Here’s a shot of the sleeve section.  Both sleeves are patiently waiting their turn on waste yarn while I work the body.

Silk Socks

My silk socks are moving right along, and the color repeats decided to behave themselves and line up nicely after all.  I’m not sure how or why, but I was about an inch past the heels when I looked down realized that rather than being about a round off, the were within about 8 stitches.

Black Kitten

This is the kitten I took to her new owners in Georgia on Sunday.

Red and White Kitten

This kitten, the one from under the boat, also left us this weekend to go to his new home in Charleston.

Butch still needs a home if anyone is interested.   He’s very sweet and loving and would make a great pet.


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