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Some Days I Just Shouldn’t Get Out Of Bed

Posted by notthatkat on August 12, 2007

Today was one of those days.  You know, the kind of day where anything and everything seems to go awry.

It started off well enough.  Got up, went to my hospital to take care of boarders and patients.  I only have a couple of patients, but a lot of boarders (at capacity).  It’s not so bad, though because the patients are doing well, and the boarders are easy keepers for the most part.  Then things started to go sideways.

Today was the monthly meeting day for the fiber guild I belong to that meets in Augusta.  It is a bit of a hike for me, but I’m far enough out in the boonies that I’m used to hiking to go lots of places.  I connected with this group when I was first learning to spin a couple years ago.  At the time, there was nothing available locally to support my growing obsession.  No guilds or associations – I hadn’t even found a knitting group locally that fit my schedule – no teachers, no stores that sold fiber or spinning equipment, no local spinners that I could find.  Recently a spinning guild has been formed locally, but their meetings tend to conflict for me.  Long story short (too late, I know) I now have a lot of friends among this group, and the support it provides makes it worth the trip once a month.

One friend of mine was looking to place a kitten that was adopted from the local shelter by a relative who could no longer keep it.  Another friend who also part of this fiber guild had told me shortly before hand that they were looking for a cat if I encountered any that needed a home.  I was able to get the two of them together and make arrangements to get the kitten a place to be.  Since I was seeing the adopting friend today anyway, we made arrangements for project kitten exchange.  The part of the family not involved with the guild would drive in separately and take the kitten home, leaving the rest of us free to play with fiber for a few hours.

I left with kitten in tow a bit later than I planned, but early enough to be there “on time” – about 10 minutes before the meeting actually started and early enough to take care of the kitten business.  I got about 15 minutes down the road, only to realize I left my purse at the office.  With drivers license,  registration, proof of insurance, money and credit cards.  The last bit was critical as I also needed to put gas in my car somewhere going or coming (I wasn’t driving on fumes, but I was closer to E than 1/4 tank).  I turned around and went back to the office to get my purse.  The kitten meanwhile, was going ballistic in the cardboard carrier, and I decided to let her loose to wander around the car rather than waiting until she tore a hole large enough to let herself out.

I left out again, a bit late now, but figuring I’d make up time on the interstate.  I decided to put gas in the car at the station right before I got on the interstate, as by now, my gas level is reaching a concerning level.  This necessity put me smack dab behind the biggest, baddest wide load convoy I’ve ever encountered(lead car, pick up truck towing some kind of trailer, cop car, very wide load on flatbed, two follow cars ((one for each lane)) all capped off by a state trooper).  Going 10-15 mph below the speed limit the whole way there, and blocking off the entire road in the direction I was traveling.  By now I’m running very late – as in half an hour.  The convoy took the same exit I did, but blissfully turned the opposite direction off the ramp.

I got there and explained my woes to my friends, who were very understanding, and had a good meet up with fiber friends.  We’re a casual group, so there was no problem with me being late for that.  After the meeting, I met other very good friends for dinner in Augusta, as has been our routine for a while now.  Then it was back on the road to home.

I made it up the road to about a mile from my exit when one of my tires blew out.  I dug out the spare and proceeded to start changing the tire.  I was working on getting the last lug nut off, when a young man stopped to help me.  His first words to me were, “What are you doing changing that tire?”  To which I responded, “Well, until you got here, there wasn’t anyone else to do it, so if I didn’t, it wasn’t going to get done.”  He took over the job and put on the spare.  I thanked him for his help and got back on the road.

I got off the highway, and took my usual route back to the office, because, oh, yes, the dogs need to be taken care of again.  I was almost there when I found the back road I needed to take blocked off with a policeman guarding it.  I couldn’t tell what was going on, but it looked like there were a bunch of cars pulled over in a field on the side of the road and a bunch of people gathered.  Almost like a fair or festival, but in the middle of nowhere.  This gathering didn’t seem to have blocked off the road, but the cop wasn’t letting any traffic through.  He directed me how to get around the blockage to where I needed to go (I take this route all the time, but I’m not really familiar with alternate routes.  It’s very country where I was).  Finally I made it to the office, not far behind my staffer that I called when I started changing the tire.  Together we made pretty quick work of walking and cleanup.

I suppose it could have been worse.  I didn’t lose control of the car when my tire blew, and all’s well that ends well.  But still, it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride today.  I’m going to bed now.  Hopefully tomorrow will go smoother, even with having to deal with getting my tire replaced.


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