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Spoiled Rotten

Posted by notthatkat on August 9, 2007

A box arrived today from Jennie, my Sockapalooza pal, and boy did she spoil me.

Sockapalooza Goodies

The first thing that greeted me upon opening the box was fiber in the form of dyed locks. I read Jennie’s lovely card and carefully unpacked the contents of the box.

Sockapalooza Goodies

There was fiber – dyed locks on the left, coopworth roving in maroon, orange and gold in the middle, and an undyed silk hankie on the right.

Sockapalooza Goodies

There was pottery – made by Jennie! Unbeknownst to her, I found her site a few months ago and fell in love with her yarn bowls. Now I have one of my very own. The wee pieces at the top are magnets. So cute.

Sockapalooza Goodies

There were yummy treats. I haven’t tried the chocolate yet, as it was a bit melty (the heat wave continues – we hit 106°F today), but it’s in the fridge and solid again, and will still be yummy, I’m sure. The ginger chews are quite tasty – sweet and spicy all at the same time.

Sockapalooza Goodies

Last but certainly not least, there were the socks. Pretty socks with cable and ribbing, made out of Cascade Fixation perfect for my southern climate.

Sockapalooza Goodies

The fit is perfect and after taking pictures, I continued to wear them the rest of the day, and in fact they’re still on my feet. (This decision was influenced a bit by the fact that I had just finished a particularly bloody surgery and had blood on the socks I was wearing. But mostly it was the desire to wear these pretty, comfy socks.

I can’t thank Jennie enough for her generous gifts. They are loved and appreciated and will be put to good use.

From the other direction in the Sockapalooza stream, I heard from my pal Rachael. Her package arrived on Monday, but she’s been out of town so she just got it today. She loved her socks as well as all the other goodies I sent her.  I didn’t take pictures of everything else before I sent it off.

Silk Socks

My silk socks now have heels.  The length of color run in one skein is a slight bit longer than in the other, so that althogh they match at the cuff, they are now about a round off on each color change.  By the time I reach the toe, they may not match very much at all.  On one hand, it doesn’t bother me (much) but on the other, this self striping yarn is not hand-painted.  Both skeins are from the same lot.  The color repeats should be the same length.  But it is slight, and by the time it becomes noticeable by anyone but me, they will be hidden in shoes.  I can deal.

Cable-Down Raglan

The Cable-Down Raglan looks like this now.  I haven’t worked on it since I posted yesterday, but I braved the sweltering outside to get you a picture.


One Response to “Spoiled Rotten”

  1. Kathryn said

    You really did get spoiled!! Lovely! And your silk socks look great! I love the colours.

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