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Hokie Jaywalkers and Afterthought Heels

Posted by notthatkat on August 2, 2007

Hokie Jaywalkers

The Hokie Jaywalkers are finished!  They came out great, and I think they look really good in the Jaywalker chevron effect.

Hokie Jaywalkers

Didn’t Scout do  a great job with the colors?  Now I am all set for football season.


Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina

Yarn: Scout’s Swag Superwash/Nylon custom dyed Hokies colorway

Needles:  2.75mm (US2) 16 inch circulars (2 socks/2 circs, per usual)

Started:  July 18

Finished: August 2

Mods: Worked toe up with afterthought heels.

Afterthought heels:

I wanted to say a little something about how to put in afterthought heels.  If you remember (or you just joined in) this:

Heel Placement

is where I set my heel placement by knitting a row of waste yarn.  Simply knit half the stitches onto waste yarn.  Do not knit around the front of the sock.  Re-knit those same heel stitches using your sock yarn.  Finish knitting the rest of the sock(s)

Picking up stitches

Pick up each loop in the row on either side of your waste yarn.  I try to pick them up so they will be oriented right on the needles once the waste yarn is removed, but you can fix it later if you pick up a stitch backwards.  Just make sure you have all the stitches picked up.

Heel Stitches on Needles

When all the stiches are done it looks something like this.

Remove Waste Yarn

The next step is to carefully remove the waste yarn.  I had tied the ends of my waste yarn into a loose knot inside the sock, which I carefully untied and then used my 5th dpn to pull out the stitches (a darning needle works good too).  This, for me, is the most tedious part of the process.

Heel Opened

Unfortunately, this is the best picture I could get at the time, but this (hopefully less washed out) is what you should be left with after the waste yarn is removed. The heel is open with the sole at the bottom and the leg to the top.  I attached yarn at the bottom of the sole, and worked around.  I picked up an extra stitch or two at each side of the heel to close any gaps and even out my stitch count.

Decrease like for toe

Again, sorry for the picture quality.  Not my day for photographic excellence.  From here, I just decreased as I would for a wedge toe.  Alternatives would be a centered decrease on each side (maybe I’ll show you that one the next time I do afterthought heels) or a short row heel that is then grafted closed with either the leg or the sole.

Ready to graft

I decrease 4 stitches every other round until the heel is as deep as I want it.  In this case, the foot was a bit loose, so I made the heel a bit shallow and grafted with 32 stitches left. Usually I will work down to 24 stitches before grafting, but you can decide what works best for you.  At this point, you graft (or Kitchener if you prefer) the heel closed and repeat for the other sock.

Afterthought Heel

This is what the finished heel looks like with this method.

Yesterday, I went to see HP5 with my mother and my nephew.  Patrick and I had already seen it, but Grandma wanted to go see it and since Grandma was paying, we went to see what she wanted (actually neither of us minded seeing it again)  I decided I needed movie theater sock knitting, so I did something I rarely do, and started a new pair of socks before the last ones were quite done (cast off, just needed heels)  I did a bit of stash diving and picked out a sock yarn I though would look best in simple stockinette:

Silk Socks

This is some Regia SilkColor in the Nairobi colorway I bought a while back to try.  I am liking it a lot, and may have to get some of the solids for patterned socks.  I had to pull out a fair bit of yarn for the sock on the left to match the stripes, but I figure if I run short (not usually a problem for me) I can use the tail for the toe if need be.  I love the colors in this sock – they are more muted than most of the others in this line.

That’s about all the knitting news I have to share.  I was tagged this morning, and our team’s Dish Rag Tag box is on its way to me.  I am hoping it arrives in tomorrow, or Saturday at the latest.  That way, I can get my dishcloth knitted and the bag out to the next team member on Monday.


One Response to “Hokie Jaywalkers and Afterthought Heels”

  1. kathy b said

    So you already got the package, knitted the dishcloth and sent it off, if I read our forums correctly. WOW that was fast. I am worried I’ll be the weakest link. I hope it comes to me on a certain day, b/c I am having knit friends over and they’ll cheer me on. I guess if speed is the utmost, then I shouldn’t do a log cabin or something that takes time eh?

    Can you show us the yarn that was sent to you?

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