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FO – Fine Cabled Mitts

Posted by notthatkat on July 19, 2007

Fine Cabled Mitts

These were a great quick knit and they came out fabulous. I will certainly make them again, maybe next time for myself.


Pattern: Fine Cabled Mitts by Anne Hanson (yes, the love of all things Anne continues unabated) Large size

Yarn: Handspun Merino  I had about 3 1/2 oz -350 yards and I have a fair bit leftover.  The estimate of 200 yards was about right.

Needles 2.75 mm (US2) 16 inch circulars – I worked both at the same time much like I do socks.

Fine Cabled Mitts

Started: July 15, 2007

Finished: July 18, 2007

Modifications: Changed the cable crossing on right mitt to the opposite direction – symmetry, ya know.

Hokie Toes

We now return you to Summer of Socks knitting already in progress…

This yarn was a custom order from Scout in Virginia Tech colors.  She doesn’t have it listed in her color gallery, but if any Hokie knitters would like a skein of their very own, I’m sure she’d be glad to  recreate it.  I am planning to do toe-up Jaywalkers.

I have managed to knit a few dozen rows on my Pehuén shell this week, but it just doesn’t seem very photogenic at the moment.  The farther I get on the front, the more tempted I am to rip out the back and re-knit it alternating balls of yarn every couple rows.

Despite my efforts at yarn dieting, I managed to acquire a few new fibery items this week:

STR Lightweight

This arrived in my mailbox on Monday.  The skeins in the middle and right were replacements for yarn with issues that was sent back.  The one on the left was a total surprise, but the colorway (Lunasea) is one I’ve been longing for since it first went up on the Blue Moon Site.  Thanks, Tina.

Russian Laceweight

This came yesterday: 5 skeins of laceweight wool at 1613 m per 100 g skein.  At a bit more than seven dollars a skein after shipping this was too good a deal to pass up.

Finally I joined Yarn Pirate’s Booty Club last month (timing is everything) and my first shipment arrived today.  I’m putting the picture behind a cut so as not to inadvertantly spoil anyone else in the club that hasn’t gotten their package yet.

Yarn Pirate Swag

When you join a yarn/fiber club, you’re taking a bit of a gamble that the colorways selected will suit your tastes and usage.  I tend to have an anything goes attitude toward sock colors, so this is less risky than you might think, for me at least.  But I got to say I love the colors in this yarn!  Had I seen this yarn up for sale, I would have had a hard time resisting the urge to take it home with me.  Included in the package is a button and a small bar of soap from Good Soapworks of Athens that smells fantastic (bay rum, maybe?).

Despite these recent additions to the stash, I have bought less yarn over the last month and a half.  However, this week my favorite LYSO is having her annual Christmas in July sale, and I am meeting friends there on Saturday.  I usually stock up on yarn for Christmas gifts at this sale, and while I doubt I’ll do as many big items as last year, I will probably pick up a bit of new yarn.


3 Responses to “FO – Fine Cabled Mitts”

  1. anne said

    oh kat the mitts are great!! than you for sharing them!

  2. kathy b said


    The fingerless are great. Love the colors and the cables.

  3. Rosi G. said

    Hola! Found you thru the #1 Knit Spot Fan Group on Ravelry. I LOVE how those mitts came out.

    I <3 ANNE!

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