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Posted by notthatkat on July 13, 2007

Anne posted the pattern for her stunning Bee Fields Shawl today, and I’ve got me a copy already.  Anne (different Anne) is offering a kit with the pattern (hard copy) and enough hand dyed yarn to make the larger size starting Sunday.  I already have the perfect yarn:

Knitch Haul

The yellow/gold skein in the center – 1100 yards of silk lace weight – colorway appropriately named Honey.  This is next up in my lace queue.  Once I get through with the two current ongoing projects.

Speaking of ongoing projects

Christening blanket – 4 repeats down, 80 to go.

Tour de Fleece – still spinning laceweight merino/tencel – maybe an ounce in out of four ounces total.  But I’m eyeing that wool/silk roving in the picture above as a possible time out project between bobbins.

I’m not quite ready yet, but it occurs to me that I will need a test knitter or two for my SOS sock design.  If anyone is interested, please contact me at kataturbanfatasydotorg (you know what to do, right).

Tomorrow is the third and final Dragon*Con staff meeting, so I’ll be winging my way to Atlanta again.   No time for yarn shopping this time, as I will be leaving immediately after work and will probably arrive a bit late for the director’s meeting if I don’t miss it entirely.


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