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Lace, lace, and more lace

Posted by notthatkat on July 12, 2007

Original Design Socks

The socks now have heels and I’m cruising down the foot. I’ve done one full pattern repeat, and I think it will take two and a half to get to the proper length for toe shaping. I’ve started writing up the pattern, and although it needs a bit of polishing in a few places, it is coming along fairly well also. I’m still pondering names. I’ve gotten a couple suggestions, but it’s not to late to give me yours.

I’ve managed to pull back (or is that transfer) from the obsessive knitting, because lately I’ve been captivated by lace. Yesterday, I finished Clue 2 on my Mystery Stole.

Mystery Stole 3

I think I must be the laziest blogger in this KAL, because as yet, I have yet to take a good, pinned out picture of this stole-in-progress. Next time, I promise to take a pretty picture. The beads don’t show up well in the pictures I’ve posted so far (Along with the pretty pictures, I’ll try to get some close ups that show them off), but I think they really add to the lace pattern.

While I was on a lace kick, last night I swatched (again) the edging pattern for my christening blanket and played around with what to do about those corner sections. I opted for a short row shaping, but the edging pattern is wide so the effect will be subtle and I’m hoping blocking will help shape stronger corners. If not, I think it will be beautiful nonetheless.

Christening Blanket Edging

Full of excitement over finally figuring out what to do about my corners, I decided to get started on the blanket itself. I’ve managed to complete three repeats of the edging pattern. Only 81 to go if my math is right (20 on each side, and 1 in each corner). I still have a bit of a slog ahead of me, but I like the lace pattern I came up with (my own design, took a lot of swatching and adapting to get it just as I wanted it) and find it fairly intuitive once it gets going. Since this is the first progress I’ve made on this project in many many months, I’m satisfied.

Purple Haze

Finally, lest you think I’ve been neglecting my Tour de Fleece obligations, I’ve been spinning a bit of lace weight from my merino/tencel roving. Me like! BTW, it takes me a long time to spin up a wee bit of fiber that fine. The bobbin pictured above represents about three hours of spinning time. I still have to put in a bit of spinning time tonight, and by that I mean another hour or so. Will I finish the first ounce tonight? Probably not.

I’m traveling this weekend, so I’m breaking out the spindles and some superwash roving I want to spin up into sock yarn. And I promised to teach a friend how to spindle spin this weekend, so I’ll pack an extra spindle or three and some easy to spin roving.


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