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Posted by notthatkat on July 6, 2007

I hope this is included with “sharing the design process” allowed in the competition rules, because I have to tell you, I am now officially obsessed with these socks.

Original Design Socks

In a bit over 24 hours I have completed a repeat and a half of the lace pattern (that’s 42 rounds), and I just want to do more.  I haven’t knit a stitch on my shell, or my mystery lace, or anything else at all.  This is all I want to knit at the moment.  I guess that means the design is a hit with me if no one else.

Original Design Socks

They need a name.  I’m horrible at naming things.  I either go for the really obvious or pick something so obscure that I’m the only one who gets it.  Any and all suggestions welcomed and I’ll send a wee prize to anyone that suggests a name I choose to use.


3 Responses to “Obsessed”

  1. I’m no good at names but I LOVE those socks!

  2. Orghlaith said

    Beautiful Socks. I think the pattern looks like leaping flames. So I suggest Campfire as a name. Congratulations.

  3. Rasa said

    Those are beautiful socks! They sort of remind me of waves…better yet “Wavelets”.

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