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FO – Embossed Leaves Socks

Posted by notthatkat on July 5, 2007

Embossed Leaves

(I finished them Tuesday Night, but I was not online much yesterday. Most of the day was spent at Peach Festival. Hope you all had a happy 4th.)

Pattern: Embossed Leaves from Favorite Socks (and IK before that)

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid in Loden

Needles: 2.75 mm (US2) 16 inch circulars (2 socks/2 circs)

Embossed Leaves

Started: June 23, 2007

Finished: July 3, 2007

Modifications: I changed the cast on to long tail cast on. I did an extra full repeat of the lace pattern on the leg (4 1/2 repeats). I substituted my usual short row heel for the flap and gusset heel in the directions.

Embossed Leaves

Speaking of Socks

Once again I cast on my next pair almost immediately. If all goes well the pattern will be written up for my entry in the SOS design competition.

Original Design Socks

They are just barely past the ribbing, and the stitch pattern is not visible in this picture, but everyone who’s seen them loves the color. I actually didn’t immediately cast on. First I cast on some leftover sock yarn and swatched different stitch patterns until I found one that really popped. I had different plans for this yarn, but I thought this sock would look great in it, but not so much in the yarn I planned to use. And it meets the design contest criteria of being readily available from at least one of the sponsors. So the switch was made, and they’re looking great so far.

In keeping with my tradition of double purposing my KAL knitting, it is also perfect for Project Spectrum this month.

When Good Socks Go Bad

Rococo Socks

I made these socks back in February from one of Anne’s patterns. I loved them. They were one of my favorite pair of socks. I took the picture above and several others to share with Anne in mid May. A couple weeks ago, I put them on to find they were a bit on the snug side. I wondered if they might have felted a bit, but they looked fine and were made with superwash wool, so I dismissed it as a bad foot day. Until earlier this week, when I tried to wear them again. This is what they look like now:

Felted Rococo Socks

I’ve already contacted the source, and been promised a replacement skein. Apparently, I am not the first to have this happen, although the number is small. It is being attributed to a mill error. It seems lately, I’ve had a lot of problems with yarn and knitting- related products. I don’t think I’m especially picky – really. Just give me decent yarn and a nice pattern that doesn’t require an advanced degree to interpret and I’m usually pretty happy. I can go for months to years at a time without feeling the need to lodge a complaint. But lately, I feel like I’ve had one knitting product issue after another. Hopefully the end is in sight.

Non-Sock Stuff

Pehuén shell front

I’ve finished about a third of the front of my Pehuén shell. This time I’m using two balls of yarn and changing balls every 2 rows. I should have done this on the back, knew better at the time, and just didn’t bother. Lesson learned. I still don’t think the back side looks too bad, so I probably won’t rip it out and do it over. Probably.

Mystery Stole

I’m also most of the way through Clue 1 of the Mystery Stole. Turns out there is one dwarf that makes crochet hooks small enough to go through the center of my beads. His name is Leonard and he left the Lonely Mountain to seek his way in the world. It turns out a 1.0 mm hook will go through the center while a 1.3 mm hook is way too big. Go figure.


One Response to “FO – Embossed Leaves Socks”

  1. melinda said

    Congrats on finishing the embossed leaves.
    Am loving the colour of the next pair of socks your working on.
    Good lord-did those socks felt on their own?

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