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Rainy Days and Mondays

Posted by notthatkat on July 2, 2007

Today, I have both all rolled up in one. It’s been dreary, drizzly and drab all day long. Actually, that’s been pretty much the last three days. It seems like lately here it’s been drought or deluge. Guess which one we’ve been having lately? I hate to complain, because we need the rain after a very dry spring, but does it all have to come at once?

embossed leaves

On a happier note, the embossed leaves socks are coming right along. I turned the heels Saturday night and am cruising towards the toe.

embossed leaves

They look so much better on, where the lace gets stretched out and the pattern really shows. I think that’s true of most patterned socks, though.

embossed leaves

I have yet to cast on for the front of my Pehuén shell. Tonight, most likely. I tried to start my Mystery Stole this weekend only to find that no crochet hook made by man or dwarf owned by me. (ETA: I found one.  One freaking millimeter.  This thing gives new meaning to tiny. ) will go through the center of the beads I bought (6/0, not the 8/0 recommended) I have another brand of bead I saw while shopping for these I’d like to try, but I’m also considering stringing them and adding them my way rather than as instructed. Either way, what little I’ve done (3 rows) will need to be frogged. Serves me right for not swatching with beads earlier.


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