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A Midsummer Day’s Socks

Posted by notthatkat on June 21, 2007

Not too much progress here. My Dad has been in town (staying with my sister) since Sunday, and yesterday we had lunch together. This was a last minute trip, and I only found out he was coming on Saturday. Monday and Tuesday he was on my end of town for an auction, and I tried to get him to come to lunch with me at Shealy’s, but it didn’t work out. Instead we ate at McAlister’s. He left for home this morning.

I am nearing the end on my Pal’s socks, and was hoping to have them done for this, the first day in the Summer of Socks 2007. I will probably finish them tonight, but right now, they look like this:

Math Whiz Socks

It isn’t really clear, but I am not quite to the middle of the toe shaping.

Since it is the first day of Summer of Socks, I spent a bit of time winding yarn and considering options. I am a bit undecided what my next sock should be, as I have several good ones lined up. The choices I have in mind include Anne’s Waterfall Sock pattern, which I think would look spectacular in CTH Wild Cherry (bonus – Project Spectrum color!), Embossed Leaves in CTH Loden, the Knee High to a Grasshopper socks from the Rockin’ Sock Club April kit that I haven’t started yet, my June Rockin’ Sock Club kit, which arrived in the mail yesterday (no spoilage here), my Hokies yarn from Scout that would look good either in plain stockinette or as Jaywalkers, Waving Lace in Lorna’s Laces Denim, Bluestocking socks (don’t remember the color name, but appropriately blue), or I could work on my idea for an original design, since I did enter the design competition. Too many choices. I’m leaning toward starting with Embossed Leaves, as I’ve wanted to make them for a while now. Let me know what you think.

I put a few more rows on my shell as well. I have just started the increase portion of my waist shaping.

Shell Back


2 Responses to “A Midsummer Day’s Socks”

  1. Colleen said

    Hello! you are my Captain for the Dish Rag Tag! Just stopping by and check everything out! talk soon- C

  2. carrie said

    Everything looks good! You are also my captain – yay!

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