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Sharp Pointy Things

Posted by notthatkat on June 19, 2007

The last several days have been full of sharp pointy things.

On Saturday, my nephew Patrick and I went to see Pirates 3, which is full long sharp pointy things. It was all right, not a bad way to spend three hours, but this series continues to suffer from sequel syndrome, where attempts to make each subsequent movie bigger and more spectacular only lead to making this movie somewhat disjointed and major subplots were left dangling all over the place. The first one is still my favorite.

On Sunday, we drove up to Charlotte to attend HeroesCon. This is an annual ritual we have done 4 out of the last 5 years. We had to miss it a couple years ago when Patrick had poison ivy all over including in a shall we say very delicate area. He is almost 14 now, and has come a long way from the shy 9 year old who wouldn’t even go up and talk to an artist without extreme prompting from me. He cleans up every year in the dollar comic bins. He also added a wee bit to his anime collection.

I bought a few things as well.


First and foremost, I got a long sharp pointy thing of my very own. This is a great addition for my pirate costume. I have quite a few swords already, but a pirate can never have too much steel, right?

Perfume oils

These are Black Phoenix perfume oil samples (Imp’s Ears) inspired by characters from Neil Gaiman‘s books. Mr Nancy and Spider are from Anansi Boys, while the other five are from American Gods. They are not available on the Black Phoenix as imps only as full sized vials.

All proceeds on the sales of these fragrances go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting freedom of speech and fighting censorship in/against members of industry, including writers, artists, and store owners.

I spoke with Peter David, but had not had an opportunity to buy his new book. When I told him I would have to catch up with him at Dragon*Con to get it signed, he offered me his display copy at the end of the con. We didn’t want to stay that late, so a friend picked it up for me and I’ll get it when I see him next month (Thanks, Mike). Hopefully, Peter remembered to sign it for me.
We declared the outing a complete success, and returned home with our spoils.

Yesterday, I used sharp and pointy things of any entirely different kind.

Bladder Stone X-ray

Do I need to point out what’s wrong with this picture? In case there are any doubts, that largish, round white thing in the middle-bottom – yeah, that’s not supposed to be there. There was no doubt she needed surgery.

Bladder Stone

This is the stone I removed from her bladder. It is an aggregate stone formed when smaller stones fused together into one big mass. It is almost the size of a golf ball, and I took it out of a ~35 pound dog. Her improvement has been almost immediate.

What, you wanted knitting content? Not so much sharp, but definitely pointy:

Math Whiz Socks

Lest you think there was no knitting accomplished, my Pal’s socks are about half way down the foot. I’ll have these babies done by the end of the week. I’m still loving the yarn and the patten, and the way they work together.

Cotton Shell

I also started a new top. I plan this to be a shell/tank type top. The yarn is Araucania Pehuén, a cotton bouclé I’ve had marinating in my stash for about a year. I am planning on putting it together with the reverse stockinette side out, as I think that side shows the texture of the yarn off to its best advantage. I reserve the right to change my mind. I have a bit of Quellon, a cotton/viscose blend chenille in the same color that I plan to use for some kind of wrap or cover for cooler weather, but I haven’t gotten further than vague planning stages on that one.


One Response to “Sharp Pointy Things”

  1. kathy b said

    My sister is an Internal medicine Vet. She went to Colo State then Texas A and M. Tomorrow she moves to univ. of Minnesota to teach at the vet school.

    VERY cool findings.

    I love your knitting.

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