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FO – Lily Camisole

Posted by notthatkat on June 14, 2007

Boy, this FO a day thing is not for the faint of heart or weak of will.  For example, what’s a knitter to do with a totally arbitrary, self imposed, and arguably insane deadline looming when she finds herself stuck at the office waiting to meet clients on her day off should she discover that she left all her darning needles and finishing paraphernalia at home?

Surgical needle

Well, if she’s creative and determined, and has access to very sharp pointy things at said office, she improvises.  For those not familiar with medical instrumentation, this is a surgical needle dug up from my very own OR in a fit of desperation yesteday.  (This needle had never been used prior to being pressed into service as an emergency darning needle)

How’d it work?  Pretty good.


The only problem is that the needle was a bit too sharp, and I had to be careful not to split the plies (hard to do with crochet cotton, but this sucker was meant to go through skin and muscle and other fleshy tissue, so a bit of fiber wasn’t really an issue)  Once my client came and picked up his dog, I went home and found a proper darning needle.  Next time, I’ll have to dull the point a bit first.

But enough about that.  It’s a (nearly) FO for another day.  On the docket today is another project you haven’t laid eyes on yet.  Why?  Because it’s been languishing on my UFO pile for over a year, well before I started blogging.  I put it down with just the edging on both arm holes to go.  It was a bit of a slog, and I was so completely burned out on it, that I put it aside to work on a different project.  One project led to another, and the poor thing, too pretty to be cast aside so cruelly, languished unfinished through summer and early fall.  Soon Christmas knitting was upon me, and I made sweater after sweater for family and loved ones.  I considered finishing it at that point, but it was out of season, and there would be time to finish it before spring rolled around.

Flash forward to last weekend when I was considering undertaking an FO a day project.  I had four of my five days covered.  I had a reasonable certainty that I could finish all four in time to post.  In fact, the three already posted were finished over the weekend.  I cast about for a fifth project and decided to resurrect this one, rather than trying to come up with a quick one off.

So without further ado, I present Lily:


Pattern: Lily

Yarn: Euroflax Originals in Terra Cotta

This color is a bit of a departure from my usual pallete, and was chosen in part to break what I felt was a real color rut on my part.  It is one of the few shades of orange that look good with my skin tones.

Picot Hem

I chose the picot hem option.  It is still wanting to roll a bit after washing and drying; I may see if I can make it behave with judicious application of iron.

Lace Section

Above the hem, there’s about 6 inches of lace with a bit of rib.

Textured eyelet section

This flows quite elegantly into  a textured stitch pattern with eyelet columns stacked onto the purl sections in the rib.

Mirror Shot

Finally we have the obligate mirror shot.  The fit is nice, and it will be a great three season top for me, especially since it doesn’t really cool off around here until mid-October.

High speed flyer kit

Lookie what came for me today.  We were crazy at work, so I barely had time to open the box and make sure it was all there and not in pieces… well, more pieces than it’s suppposed to be in.  It’s the high speed flyer kit I ordered for my Louet wheel last week.  Since I chose the free (slow) shipping option, I really didn’t expect it to arrive until sometime next week at the earliest.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have curtains to finish and block (like you hadn’t figured out that’s what I planned for tomorrow.)


2 Responses to “FO – Lily Camisole”

  1. Cathy-Cate said

    Gorgeous top! You can never tell with digital pics and different monitors, but it looks like a lovely coral color to me! It’s beautiful and beautifully done.

    Yes, I’ve used suture before from work — like the time I got my pants caught in the bike chain on my way to work, so used some about-to-outdate suture that was an obsolete type, and sewed up my pants. Didn’t work longterm, but saved me for that day!

  2. Kay said

    You did a great job on the Lily!

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