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FO – Messenger Bag

Posted by notthatkat on June 13, 2007

Fetled Messenger Bag

This bag is very loosely based on the striped satchel in this pattern book(scroll down to the bottom), but by the time I was done, about the only things I kept were the colors (mostly) and the stitch pattern. I made the front/bottom/back/flap as a single piece, increased the size, picked up and integrated the stitches for the sides, changed the strap, added applied I-cord to the edge of the flap, added pockets to the inside… basically I would describe it as more inspired by than based on the original.

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool

Colors: Old Gold, Leaf Gree, That’s Pink, That’s Blue, Too Teal, and Bright Red

Inside pocket

It has pockets on the inside on both the front and back sides. (this one’s the front)

This has been a back burner project for a very long time. As best I can remember, I started working on it in January 2006. Initially, I worked on it in fits and starts around other projects. Then I had to figure out how to integrate the sides and strap. Later, it sat in the UFO pile until I decided to resurrect it this spring. It was still back burner, and I kept coming up with new ideas to incorporate. Finally a couple weeks ago, I decided I was ready to felt it. Since then, I’ve been poking around on the finishing. I finished the final touches on Saturday.  Wanna see?


I love these buttons I found to go on it. They’re just too perfect.

I finished not one bit too soon, because on Sunday, I got an FO of a different sort:

My new laptop

This is my brand new laptop, my first ever.  I’ve been socking away money for it for a couple years now, and my very good friend and computer guru Vic helped me with the selection process as well as getting me a really good deal.  I’ve barely had time to play, but I love it already.

Laptop in bag

Will you look at that?  Perfect fit.  I couldn’t have planned it any better.

In other news, I needed something to spin while I wait for my high speed flyer to come in.  Besides the fact that I don’t like to go too long without spinning, I had my fiber guild meeting this weekend.  I dug through my fiber stash and came up with one of those near legendary Grafton Fibers batts:

Grafton Fiber Batt

I ordered this from the website shortly before they stopped retail sales.  They now do only wholesale orders, but have a list of retailers on their site.  I’m not sure if they are still doing fiber fairs and events, but as they never came down my way, seeing them as such venues was not an option for me.  This batt is squishy and complex, and spins like a dream.  I have one more I got at the same time, but I’ll probably hoard save it for a while.

The second curtain is off the needles, and I am working on finishing them.

The socks have two pattern repeats, with a half repeat to go before they get heels.

For your cute animal fix of the day:



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