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FO – Kat’s Squatty Sidekick

Posted by notthatkat on June 12, 2007

Last week Jen and La posted an FO for every weekday. Since I seem to have a synergy of multiple projects coming together at the same time, I thought I’d see if I could match them. Now, I’m only 1 person, so I’m not sure if I’ll make it, but here goes.

Did you every have a pattern reach out, grab you by the throat and insist you knit it now, now now? I’m not talking about grand epic, magnum opus kind of projects. I’m talking about the simple, too cute not to knit, can pull it off in just a few hours knitting type projects. So it was with me and this bag. I saw it and I had to knit it NOW. It didn’t matter that I’m trying to finish epic projects and secret pal socks. It wasn’t concerned that I really don’t need another bag right now (who said that?). It demanded to be knitted up at once. So I did a bit of stash diving and came up with an appropriate yarn and cast on. I bound off two days later, having worked on it between curtains and socks and work and life in general. A quick run though the washer and I had one of my very own. Now I’m considering making another. And another. And how many of these can I make before my knitting friends stage an intervention.

Squatty Sidekick

Pattern: Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick from Knitting Daily

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Peacock (Edit: not Too Teal)

Needles: 5.5 mm (US9)

I even found the perfect button to use on it:

Sidekick Button

Curtain update: 9 rows to go!

Socks haven’t seen much action in the last 24 hours as I’ve been knitting madly to finish said curtain.


This is Ajax. He spent about a week and a half in my office during the day and going home to his family at night while he was very sick (he’s much better now.) His size, and the fact that he was non-ambulatory for much of that time made moving him from one location to the other a major undertaking. His right front leg was amputated about two years ago due to bone cancer and he has already far outlived the average survival time for this type of cancer, and his owners and I were quite worried about him for a while.

Ajax was confined to a bathroom while his owners were away from home for a couple hours. In a fit of pique, he decided to eat two bars of soap. Then he proceeded to throw up for two days straight. This lead to a nasty case of aspiration pneumonia and a very sick boy. His mom says she is over any hesitation she had about crating him when they leave now.

He is also quite possibly the world’s sweetest Rottweiler (although I know a few others that might be in the running).


One Response to “FO – Kat’s Squatty Sidekick”

  1. La said

    Ajax is such a sweetie, and beautiful! That bag is so cute!

    Good luck on the FO a day! Looking forward to seeing your parade

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