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Posted by notthatkat on June 6, 2007

Yesterday was my birthday. I worked, so it wasn’t too exciting, but there was a big cookie, and some presents, and out for Chinese for dinner.

My mother I have a long standing tradition of exchanging funny cards stretching back to my teen years. The bigger a groaner it is the better. In keeping with this tradition, this is what I received this year from Mom and Dad:

My Birthday Card - Thanks, Mom!

They also gave me really cute dog stationary that has nothing to do with knitting, but I included anyway and a signed, numbered print by P Buckley Moss:

Birthday Presents

There were a few knitting books:

Knitting Books

On the top left is Selbuvottor, which is all about Norwegian style mittens and gloves. I haven’t had a chance to look through it well yet, but I am fascinated. I think the patterns might surpass my current skill level, but it is an area I wouldn’t mind developing. Mine is signed and numbered 385 of 500. At this rate, Terri will have to do a second printing soon. Down the left side are the seemingly ubiquitous Flip Knit books. These are just plain fun. The final three are my birthday present to myself: Japanese knitting books. I’ve never knitted from Japanese patterns or books but am fascinated by the concept. If you have no interest move along, but if you want to know more, and see a bunch of pictures, read on:

Japanese patterns are very graphic in nature, and can be interpreted with a bit of effort by a talented knitter with a bit of imagination. The other thing I was glad I knew before ordering these is that there is only one size for sweaters. Since that size will not work for me, sweaters I make from these books are liable to be more interpretations.

I bought all three from Yes Asia and shipping was free.

New Style of Heirloom Knitting first came across my radar as I followed Grumperina’s progress on the Mountainash Shawl. As I looked, I started to hear more positive reports on it, and it does not disappoint. This stole is as intriuging as Mountainash:


Some sweaters I like:

Aran Cardigan

Fair Isle Sweater

Gansey Sweater

The second book, for which I’ve not seen an English title translation, is full of gloves and mittens, hats and scarves. Once again, I am enchanted:

Entrelac Gloves

Entrelac Scarf


Couture Knit I added to make the free shipping limit. I had zero feedback from knitters on this one, but what I saw I liked, and I’m in love now that I’ve been able to look through it:

Couture Knit Cover Sweater

Couture Knit

Medallion Sweater


I now have more ideas and potential projects than I know what to do with. Not that lack of inspiration was a problem before.


One Response to “Birthday!”

  1. Marguerite said

    Happy belated birthday and good luck with your Japanese knitting.

    Are you a member of the Japanese Knitting Yahoo group that is knitting the black shawl as a KAL. They’ve developed lots of helps and hints.

    I’m swatching right now to knit that cream colored Japanese gansey. Haven’t decided if I’m going to knit that first or the “Acorn/Oak Leaf” sweater, but I do hope to knit both of them during the summer/fall.

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