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Very Purple

Posted by notthatkat on June 4, 2007

This weekend I finished spinning my pink and purple roving and proceeded to ply it up. I did two ply and it always seems that no matter how carefully I weigh and divide and try to spin evenly, inevitably, I wind up with one empty bobbin, and one with a fair bit left. This time was no exception:

Bobbin inequity

No problem with a two ply. I just wind the remains up for Andean plying and join ends and use up every last bit. However, everytime I do Andean plying, I always start out like this

Andean Plying 1

But end up like this

Andean Plying 2

with my fingers all smooshed together and my middle finger all blue from lack of blood flow. I always say I’ll wrap it looser next time, but again with the cutting off of the blood supply.

Alls well that ends well, as the Bard said, and soon I was off and plying again

Andean Plying 3

I have approximately 320 yards of fingering weight lovely purple merino yarn. Parts of it are more blue purple and parts of it are more pinky purple, but the overall impression is decidedly purple.

Purple handspun

Purple handspun

I think I know what I want to do with it, just need to find the right pattern. This might necessitate a virtual visit to Anne, where I might just have to pick up her new Orchid Lace Scarf pattern as well.

Kitty VanGogh:

Kitty VanGogh

I do this surgery most often for skin cancer on the tips or margins of the ears. These types of cancers arise from sun exposure on white colored parts of the ears and nose. The ears are easier to deal with, as you can just remove part or all of the pinna (ear flap). On the nose, you have fewer options. If you have a cat with white ears and/or nose that goes outside, especially in the lower latitudes, consider applying sunscreen. I kid you not.

This cat had a bad infection in her pinna that we just couldn’t resolve with repeated antibiotics, draining, flushing, etc. So a couple months back her owners and I decided that she needed a more radical solutions. She is much happier now.


2 Responses to “Very Purple”

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  2. […] Handspun Merino  I had about 3 1/2 oz -350 yards and I have a fair bit leftover.  The estimate of 200 yards was […]

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