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Where did the week go?

Posted by notthatkat on June 1, 2007

I can’t believe it’s Friday already.  Wasn’t it just Monday?

The big knitting news — I am DONE with the lace chart on my sister’s second curtain.  I just have the section of stockinette (about 4 inches IIRC).  So close.  I am somewhat tempted to have a cerimonial burning of the (photocopied) chart in celebration.

The Gimlet socks are past the heel and about two inches up the leg:

Gimlet Socks

I often find the way the colors align on variegated yarns to be fascinating.  On the foot, the color distribution is pretty random:

Gimlet Foot Close Up

But on the leg, (I increased 4 stitches at the start of the leg to accommodate the recipient’s – as Wendy puts it – shapely calves) the lighter and (somewhat) darker colors are grouping together into a vaguely spiral pattern I find enchanting:

Gimlet Leg Close Up

I think I’ll have enough yarn for a good 4-5 inches of leg, at least.  My plan is to knit until I’m out of yarn, more or less.  I’m working from both ends of the ball, since this yarn doesn’t have an obvious directional repeat when knitted.

I’m considering taking some time between finishing the curtains and taking up the christening blanket again to knit a couple summer tanks/sweaters or other smaller projects.  I’ll see how I feel once I’ve finished the curtains.  I’ve been in a real slump, knit wise since after the holidays, between the curtain slog and the tendinitis.  I’m definitely feeling the need to cleanse the knitting palate and see if I can’t get some of my mojo back.
I have decided to go on a yarn and fiber diet for the foreseeable future.  I have so many ideas and projects planned out in my mind, and so many great yarns in my stash that deserve attention, that I want to focus on them for a while.  The only exceptions are Rockin Sock Club, which continues through the year (Haven’t even thought about starting the Grasshopper socks) and the Spunky Fiber Club, which I joined to try out fibers.  No real time frame for this, just a general sense of I have enough right now.


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