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Posted by notthatkat on May 21, 2007

No significant knitting progress to report. I got a couple rows done on the curtains, am in the process of casting off the second Knuck, and have yet to cast on my next sock project.

The main reason for this lack of progress? Work has been kicking me in the tushie lately. Today was about as insane as it ever gets. At one point, I asked my office manager if she could please warp the space/time continuum to get me a few more hours so I would have time to do everything. In the midst of it all, I did a C-section/spay on a cat that had been in labor way too long. I didn’t expect any of the babies to be alive, and was a bit concerned that we might lose the mama. Much to my surprise, when I opened her uterus and pulled kittens out of placentas, all of them started moving and breathing. My staff worked on the babies while I finished up with mama. Several hours later, everyone seems to be doing very well. The babies are all nursing and mama is finally taking an interest in them.

Wanna see?

Mama cat and kittens


Babies! Babies!


Hopefully next time, I’ll have some actual knitting content.


One Response to “Babies!”

  1. Anita said

    Do you know why she was in labour so long?

    Those babies are so cute.

    It’s been a few days. Are they still doing well?

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