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All about the Knucks

Posted by notthatkat on May 18, 2007

I’ve made a bit of progress on John’s Knucks in the last couple days.  I got the first one bound off and all the ends woven in.  The second one is nearing the ribbing section and I expect to have it done tonight.

John's Knucks

I am planning to swatch whatever yarn I have left t0 play around with embroidery and color choices.  Yes, I know, it’s completely backwards to knit the project, then the swatch, but I used my first thumb as a gauge swatch.  The pattern recommends embroidery floss, but cotton thread on wool mittens just seems wrong somehow.  I have some of this same yarn in a lovely olive left over from a previous project, that I was thinking I could maybe split the plies to get a thinner yarn.  Alternatively, I was considering leftover scraps of sock yarn.   I considered needle felting, but I don’t want to shrink the fingers, so I’ve ruled that out.  Not sure I have any handspun that’s apropos, but I’ll probably go through it as well.  Maybe even break out the laceweights.  I’ll post details, and maybe a poll if I can figure out how to make it work when I get that far.

In the adorable animal section, I have a special entry today.  Well, really all of them are special to me, but this one is extra special.  This is my miracle kitten I thought for sure was going to die last summer.  I promised a friend that I wasn’t going to post a lot of gory details or pictures here, because… well, it’s just not that kind of blog.  This is about as detailed about my work as I plan to get, and I promise it will not be very graphic, but if you’re not interested don’t read behind the cut.

This little one came to me late one Saturday morning last August, shortly before we closed.  I just happened to have out of town plans for after work that I was very much looking forward to.  She was in her owner’s car engine when it was started.  This is usually a wintertime injury, as cats crawl into the engine seeking heat.  I’m not sure what possessed her to do this in July, but nonetheless, she did.

While she did not seem to have major injury (some cuts and bruises) she was very shocky when she arrived at my hospital.  So shocky that I did not think she would survive long enough for referral to the local emergency clinic.  In fact I did not think she would survive at all.  I put an IV in her and started treatment.  I canceled my plans  for the weekend.  I stayed at my hospital all afternoon and into the evening, fully prepared to make a very sad call home.  When I left that evening, she was a bit more stable; I allowed for the possibility that she might live.

This is what greeted me the following morning:

Miracle Kitten

She did great through the rest of the weekend, and I put stitches in several of the wounds Monday.  She went home three days later.

I'm feeling much better now

It was totally worth it.


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