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Road trip to Atlanta

Posted by notthatkat on May 14, 2007

I had a great weekend, and although I am tired, it was totally worth the trip. I worked my usual half day on Saturday, then drove about halfway to Atlanta where some friends live. Once there, we did a bit of shopping. Nothing too exotic, just Kohl’s, Lowes, Target, etc. While in Target, I somehow wound up in the purse section. While I’m not the bag addict that some people are, I do appreciate a cute bag, and wanted to get something more spring/summer than the distressed leather one I’ve been using. I found two I liked. A lot. Being unable to decide between the two, I did the only logical thing and got both:

my new bags

What clinched the deal was how well both bags match my Go-Knit pouch, despite having very different colors in them. The bag on the right is the one I plan to use for everyday. It is a bit smaller than my previous purse, which will hopefully cut down on how much unnecessary junk I carry around. The one on the right, I almost didn’t get, because I tend to expand to fill any purse I carry, and this could be a problem with this bag. But then I got to looking at it and saw how many little pockets and compartments it had, and decided it would make a perfect knitting bag. Or a combo knitting bag/purse. So I will reserve it for such occasions when I want a more roomy bag.

Even though these are friends I see fairly regularly, it was great to get together with them even though the visit was brief.

I got up bright and early and drove the rest of the way to Atlanta. I arrived about noon and drove to Knitch, where they were having a Mother’s Day Sit-and-Knit event. Even though I brought neither my Mom (who lives two states away) nor a child (not having one, and not feeling the need to steal one), I did sit and knit for a while, since my meeting did not start until 3. The staff was very nice, and I got to talk to some very nice knitters and other crafters. I may have brought a few items home with me as well.

Knitch Haul

The tissue paper is Knitch’s signature aqua color, and they wrap everything up in it. On the left is some Merino/Silk roving from Ashland Bay in the uninspiringly named colorway green. It does have greens, but also oranges and browns and white. It looks loverly and should spin up to a very interesting yarn. Then we have Claudia’s Handpainted Silk Lace in Honey. This is outside my typical color selection, but I loved it and I think it’s a good subtle varigation that will work better with a lot of lace than a more contrasting yarn (which most of them were). Continuing to the left is Claudia’s Handpainted Fingering in Walk in the Woods. On the right is Jade Sapphire‘s 2 ply Mongolian Cashmere. I am thinking about making the Wine and Roses Mitts from IK Winter 2006, although I reserve the right to change my mind. I also got DPN’s – Brittany Birch US size 2’s 5″ on the right, Lantern Moon ebony US size 1 5″ on the right. Across the top, looking not very photogenic is my new set of blocking wires. These will come in handy, and were at a much better price than some other sets I’ve seen. I’m not usually this spendy, but I just got my tax refund, and had a bit of extra money for a couple indulgences.

I went on to my meeting and had a good time there. John’s first Knuck were stealthily examined and tried on by another friend of the male variety. The size was declared good, so I will cast it off and start on the second. I saw many very good friends that I only get to see a few times a year in connection with this organization. Oh, yes, and got a bit of work done. After dinner I did the long drive home from Atlanta. I do better when the meetings are on Saturday, and I get the long leg done early and only have to drive partway back that night. But I was careful, and took plenty of breaks as I needed them.

I worked on my homespun socks a bit over the weekend, and this is what they look like now:

Homespun Socks

They are decidedly fraternal, with the one on the left having a bit of a dark side, but I’m okay with that. I am using the Undulating Rib pattern from Favorite Socks, although I am working toe up. I will post the mods when I’m done.

On the curtains, I knit 6 rows, then tinked and reknit 4 rows.

For the cute animal photo entry of the day, I present Fred



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