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FO-Inside Out socks (at last)

Posted by notthatkat on May 10, 2007

I finished my Inside Out socks today. Despite having to re-knit the legs, I like them quite a lot. I probably would not have picked out this colorway for myself, but it really works for me. Ignore my shockingly white legs.

Inside Out Socks

You can’t see well in that view, but the sock on the left is worn right side out as knitted while the one on the right is inside out. The socks are meant to be reversable, and the cables make for a very warm leg.

Here’s a close up of the “Outside”:

Closeup of Outside Leg

And the “Inside”:

Closeup of Inside Leg

It has a garter stitch short row toe and heel, and the foot is ribbed all the way around. It has K2, P2 ribbing on the sole, and K2, P1 ribbing on the top, which again gives a different appearance when worn inside out as shown in the shot below:

Inside Out Toes

For my next socks, I will be using my own handspun for the first time ever (for socks) I have just now reached a level of consistency and control to be able to spin a viable sock yarn.

Midnight Hour Sock Hop Yarn

This is Crown Mountain Farm‘s Sock Hop roving in Midnight Hour colorway. I have spun up 4 oz and have in the neighborhood of 300 yards at about 16 WPI. I have a couple more ounces I can spin up if I decide I need more length.

Closeup of Sock Hop Yarn


One Response to “FO-Inside Out socks (at last)”

  1. Kay said

    Your Inside Outs look perfect! Good luck on the next one (mine are in “time out”).

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