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Knucks for John

Posted by notthatkat on May 7, 2007

A dear friend was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in his neighborhood about a month and a half ago. It was a tense few days, as friends rallied around him and his wife, Brenda, although we knew fairly early that he would be okay, at least in the big scheme of things. Since they are not local to me, I was not able to rush to the hospital and sit with Brenda while waiting for news or bring over fresh made goodies. I did, however, call to check in every day and offer repeatedly to help in any way I could.

While he, thankfully, emerged without major injury, he was badly bruised and had non-displaced facial fractures. While the driver of the car was completely at fault, John was not wearing his helmet, which didn’t help matters, and which we, his very good friends, must now give him total sh*t about.

I’ve decided to make him a pair of Knucks with the words Bike Safe applied appropriately. Lucky for John, there is not enough room for Wear your helmet, Dummy or I probably would do that or some variation thereof. As of Friday night I had all (minus the index fingers) of the finger parts for both hands done and on waste yarn.

The first one is now pretty much done:

John's first Knuck

Since I am going to see John and Brenda this weekend, I am planning to leave this one on the needles and ask Brenda if she thinks the sizing is right. I have very small hands, and they look huge to me:

My hand over John's Knuck

But I’m hoping they’ll be about right for him. I might weave in my ends, except the thumb, because I think the diameter is fine. It’s just the length I’m not sure about.

In keeping with the cute animal shots (Let me know if you’re sick of them), I call this one Socks in Box:

Socks In Box


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