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Hubris, thy name is Knitter

Posted by notthatkat on May 4, 2007

Or Pride Goeth Before the Fall

This was the state of my Inside Out socks as of this time yesterday:

Inside Out Socks 05/03/07

This is the state of my socks now:

Inside Out Socks 05/04/07

I knew the cables would decrease the diameter. I knew this had been an issue for other knitters with this pattern. I increased my needle size (I thought enough). I tried them on when the leg was halfway done. They were snug, a little difficult to get over the heel, but fine when I got them on. So I continued blithely on, cabling away. Fast forward to today when I worked the last round, prepared to bind off and said to myself, “self, maybe we better try them on first.” That’s when I discovered that the would not fit over my heel. Not even close. By no stretch of the imagination.

There was a bit of whimpering and moaning, but no actual tears before I bit the bullet and sent them to Frog Pond City. Now they are having a wee stint in time out while I dig out the size 3 circs and regain my composure.

The worst part is, I experienced the same thing with the first pair of jaywalkers I knit. One of these days I will learn that a bit snug at three inches translates to no way in Hades at 6-8 inches.

In the mean time I’ll be working on this:

Black Wool Something

And the other puppy that comes to my office on a regular basis (at least until she goes to her new home next week) demanded equal time so here’s China:


And here she is playing dead puppy:

Dead China


Edit: BTW Sockapolooza broke Blogger


One Response to “Hubris, thy name is Knitter”

  1. La said

    OMG, China’s SO cute! Jack Russell?

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