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Posted by notthatkat on April 30, 2007

Hello, out there. I thought I’d give blogging another try and see if I like wordpress better than blogger.

I’ve been playing around with dyes, especially with the hot pour technique as described in The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook .

Here are my recent results:

This is a wool/mohair/silk blend that I dyed with yellow and red. The colors struck fairly quickly and didn’t blend nearly as much as I expected. There are some areas of peachy orange, but… eh, it’s a learning process, right?


This one, I thought I had ruined, but I lurve it! It is a mixture of deep midnight blues, black, steel blue/grey and purple. There was some green in the mix as well, but it seems to have disappeared into the other colors. Maybe it will re-emerge when I spin it. The fiber is Corridale, btw.

I have been doing some spinning:
pink and purple merino single
This is a pink and purple merino roving that is just lovely and squishy and soft. Such a girly-girl color.

I have not been doing much knitting lately. This is mostly due to a nasty case of tennis elbow/ulnar tendonitis. I’m not sure if the knitting caused it (it is a repetitive stress injury) but it certainly wasn’t doing it any good. I still do a couple rows or rounds here and there, but I am trying to limit myself to what I know I can do and not exacerbate this injury. And when I do knit I make sure I wear my handy-dandy wrist brace:

wrist brace

Because wrist movement and angle definitely affects me. I am having less and less pain over the last week or so, but I am trying to be good so I don’t re-injure myself before it fully heals.

What progress I have made in the form of knitted FO’s has been sadly lacking. I’ll post ongoing and nearly finished items I have in the near future


One Response to “Dye-o-rama”

  1. jenifleur said

    I love Twisted Sisters. I’ve done some stuff directly from their instructions, but even if I never used it, I’d love it for the beautiful pictures and inspiration. Hopefully you’ll like WP, I love it. We left blogger and switched to WP 3 years ago and I’ve never looked back. Can’t wait to meet you at SAFF!

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