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Beaded Stitch Markers

Posted by notthatkat on August 24, 2006

I was asked today about how I make stitch markers, what beads to use, etc. After I emailed my response, I decided to share it here as well.

I have used just about every kind of bead under the sun for stitch markers. I haven’t gotten into polymer clay (dare I say… yet), so I only use fimo, etc if I buy beads pre-made. My current favorite is semi-precious and sterling beads, but the only limit is your imagination. Well, there are some beads that are just too big or small to be practical; small – you can work around by using several, but there’s no cure for too big. I typically shop my bead stash, as it’s even bigger than my yarn stash.

I also tend to mismatch my beads, often each marker in a set is different. Most people tend to make at least one in the set unique to be used as an end of round marker.

Here’s my tried and true technique:

I tend to use soldered jump rings in whatever diameter matches my beads and intended needle size. I stack my selection of beads on a headpin, then do a wrapped loop around the ring. Make sure the eye of the loop is big enough the bead column can move/swing freely. After I cut my wire I make sure that the cut end is tucked in well, preferably into the hole of the top bead if possible. Don’t want any rough edges to snag delicate yarn. I make sure there is a small bead at the bottom of the stack, especially if the center on my next is a little big. I have a collection of tiny silver beads and spacers that work nicely for this. I usually balance out with the same small bead or spacer on top.

I’m a bit of a metal snob when it comes to beading. I feel like if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing with sterling. Base metal works okay, but sterling looks better and isn’t that much more expensive. If you prefer gold tone, gold filled wire is much cheaper than 14K, yet looks ever so nice. These metals will hold up better than base, in my experience. YMMV.

Of all the markers I’ve made, I only have one set still in my possession as the moment and it is on my blanket/shawl. I used small sterling beads called cornerless cubes at top and bottom and between beads on the last marker.

A coin shaped aquamarine bead is featured on the bead
currently occupying the start/end of round position

Next up is an amythest carved in a leaf shape

Up third is a 6 mm Mother of Pearl round.Finally, we have a small (3 mm IIRC) amythest and a rice shaped hematite


One Response to “Beaded Stitch Markers”

  1. Tonya said

    What would you charge to make stitch markers?
    I want the kind with one bead (not including the spacers)that go up to size 8 about oh say 50.
    Let me know

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