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At Long Last, An FO

Posted by notthatkat on August 20, 2006

Just not one you might have expected. Now, I know, logically that it hasn’t been that long since I finished my Maple Leaf socks, but psychologically, it sometimes feels like I haven’t finished anything in ages. I blame the blanket. This is literally the longest I’ve worked on any single project in such a focused manner.

A couple months ago, when I got a new pair of glasses, I quickly decided that I hated the case that came with them. Within a couple weeks, it started falling apart. I briefly considered going out and buying a new case, when suddenly it occurred to me that I could make one that would suit my needs, thank you very much.

I just got around to felting this last night. It will probably get a button-and-elastic closure at the top, but for all intents and purposes, it is done

Pattern: No real pattern here, just made it up as I went along
Yarn: Lion Wool color 820201 Autumn Sunset
Needles: Size 10½
Gauge: We don’t need no stinking gauge
Given how little planning went into it, I’m thrilled with how well it came out

There hasn’t been a whole lot of knitting progress to report. This is in part because the blanket sucks up hours of knitting time without much to show for all my work. Despite this fact, I have managed to get much further along on the border, only 10½ more rounds to go on the border. And I have worked out my edging pattern, although I will be triple checking my math before I start working it. Sorry for the dark picture; my photography endeavors were not very successful today.

The other reason for the lack of knitterly progress is because I am getting down to the wire for planning and preparation for this little event I help run (along with over a thousand other volunteer staff). I’ve had rather a bumpy ride in the last 8 months with this event and my role within it…. Can’t really share most of the details and don’t want to wallow in it anymore. Just suffice to say that some late breaking developments have left me behind where I would usually be in terms of planning, and my own ambivilence surrounding the situation has not helped me get excited about it either. This despite the fact that one of my favorite writers will be there this year. And tons of other great guests. If everything goes as it’s been laid out to me, it will be a very good result all around, but I’m reserving judgement until I see how things play out.

On a much happier (and actually on topic) note, my lovely mail lady brought me a box from KnitPicks today.

In it was the following:
Shine Sport in the color Sky to make a Ballet Camisole for my niece for her birthday

Shine Sport in the color Cream and the pattern to make this bolero top, also by Alexandra Virgiel for the same niece for Chrismas

Some Wool of the Andies for these felted pumpkins

And a Wool of the Andies color card to help plan out several upcoming projects (one for a christmas gift, others down the road). I love the new heathers in this yarn, but then I tend to like heathered yarns in general

And finally, for anyone still with me, despite all my kniting and not-knitting angst, I present unbearable cuteness:


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